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Do you also love books on tape and will you help suggest/find some online for me?

Asked by zensky (13357points) August 2nd, 2012

I just found Hitchhiker’s Guide… Radio series and would love some others. It could be a great book read by someone a la Morgan Freeman or Patrick Stewart (he he), or another great radio series….


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Since when can you upload over 8 hours (!) on one Youtube “clip’?

Here’s Fellowship

8 hours???

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Regeneration written by Pat Barker and read by Peter Firth, available at Amazon

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I just discovered this site, it is excellent for older books. I googled free audio books and there are an amazing number of sites. And of course if you want current books there is always If you have a smart phone you can listen on it as well.

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I personally will listen to anything by Stephen Fry or Simon Vance. Alan Rickman has narrated exactly one book: Return of the Native. Douglas Adams narrates the “trilogy” of books.

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If anyone is interested in listening to Joyce’s Ulysses, this is the only one to listen to. Fantastic.

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I check audio books out of my local library for free. They have several different media types available. You should check with your library. Audio books can get expensive, so I never buy them.

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