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If I were a shooting star that you saw passing, what would you wish for?

Asked by silverangel (939points) August 2nd, 2012

I have a lot of wishes how greedy
but my main two wishes are:
-my relationship with my mother gets better
-to become a doctor

so, what are your wishes?

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a TARDIS. Doctor Who’s time machine, but it does more than just time travel.

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How serious are you?

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the wishes could vary from stupid to serious, it’s your choice :)

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@Adirondackwannabe no worries
what’s ur wish?

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An end to silly superstitions.

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I want your relationship with your mom to get better. I want you to pursue your dream with all of you heart. And I want you to take a ride on the back of a butterfly.

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Serious: I’d probably wish for a life of happiness for the people I love. Sounds selfless and I guess it is, but the happier they are, the better my world is.
Stupid: Wealth, a few hundred billion could be a lot of fun (though a chick with three boobs as inspired by another question might be fun too).

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@Adirondackwannabe thank u and I am sure that ride would be wonderful, there is always a place for u

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Health and happiness for my kids and family. Everything else is details.

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Oh nice, thanks, I like that.

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If you were the shooting star?!

In that case, I’d wish for your safe landing.

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What would I wish? From the bottom of my heart all your dreams to come true.

AND THEN, AGE RESTRICTION to Fluther registration!

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I really, really like this question. I hope you have a better relationship with your mum and I just know your are going to be a doctor. You see, it takes the kind of mind and thought that you have to become a doctor. Good luck to you, and God Bless. how do I know? I am a doctor myself.

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Right now, a bit of security in all aspects of my life.

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I actually saw a shooting star a few weeks ago. Was really cool to see. Figured I better wish for something. I wished for happiness in my life. Guess that means whatever it is supposed to mean.

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My mom not to be sick anymore and for me to die at the same time she does because i wouldnt live without her.

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