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What is your earliest memory?

Asked by themherme (191points) June 2nd, 2008

I was about two in my earliest memory, I have quite a few memories like that but the first one that I remember very strongly was a trip to the mall or something like that and I went running behind this man wearing a leather jacket like my fathers, screaming “daddy” and I wrapped my arms around his legs and gave him a giant hug…. Come to find out my dad was behind me lol, I was hugging some stranger, my dad still picks on me about that.

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My earliest memory is walking hand-in-hand with my identical twin brother to nursery school, probably around the age of 3. We used to walk past a house with a giant dog, probably a fully grown Great Dane. To us, that dog seemed like a horse. Although he was friendly, although it scared the crap out of us.

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Riding a Big Wheel when I was 3.

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Pressing my face up against the mesh of the playpen.

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Riding my tricycle on my sidewalk which was so uneven from tree roots growing underneath.. I was probably around 3

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When I was three years old I had a nightmare about Jurassic Park, except the dinosaurs were in my backyard and they were going to eat me—I still remember that dream like it was yesterday….. Every detail too. In fact I’ve even gotten that exact same dream multiple times within the last couple years. I guess it was something that, at my age had shocked me so hard I never could get it out of my head.

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@ shilolo – very weird, my first memory was walking hand in hand with my fraternal twin brother to preschool with our little book bags and a dalmation running up to the fence. Very very weired.

@ wizard – it really freaks me out that I was in college for your earliest memory. OUCH.

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Mine is pretty depressing.

When I was 3 years old my family got in a bad car wreck. My brother ruptured his intestines from the seatbelt, I broke both legs and had the pencil he was writing with jabbed my face (it’s a minor scar now) and my mom and dad were cut and bruised badly. My first memory is being in the ambulance and my dad telling me, “It’s going to be okay.”

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Dunno how old I was, but as far as my memory goes back I remember being quite little and having a strange fondness for mixing everysingle spice in our house, i could find, and mix them together in everysingle liquid in the fridge. What I would do with this strange I don’t quite know… But I can guess it wasn’t very pretty…

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Isn’t it interesting everyone was about 3 years old when they had their first memory? Mine, too, was when I was right around three. it was watching my mother iron while a TV is on in the backround.

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Climbing up on the kitchen work-top with my sister and sharing her medication (valium, but it was pink and tasted really nice). Shortly after, kicking and screaming as doctors were pushing tubes up my nose – and a great sense of accomplishment the one time I hit one of them.
(I was two, but it was kind of dramatic and somehow stuck with me, even if a bit blurry)

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I know I was three because that day was actually my birthday party, that’s when we watched Jurassic Park.

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i was 2, we lived in an apartment and i threw my older brother’s favorite toy car out from the window (i don’t remember what floor we lived on but I know it was one of the higher ones). I enjoyed looking at it go alll the wayy down and was getting ready to throw some other things down the window (gravity amused me) when my mother caught me. my brother still reminds me of this and insists i buy him a new toy car to make up for it (though he is 21 now…)

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Penetrating the ovum.

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picking tomatoes out of the garden with my great grandpa aka peepaw when i was 3 or 4 and putting salt on them and eating them like apples.

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@grim: My son used to like to do this, too, when he was about 3 or 4. He called it, of all things, Vacation Soup.

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