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Whats the worst thing you've been in trouble for?

Asked by Grim (384points) June 2nd, 2008

The worst thing i’ve done and been caught for I would have to say was bringing a switchblade to school and giving it to another student. It was a safe situation and nobody was going to get hurt, so it was all in “goog” intention, BUT somebody saw the transaction and reported it to the office. I got suspended, because I’m a good lier ;]
But I still admit… I’m a fucking dumbass, and deserved it. But later I was “associated” with some kids who accidently light part of the school on fire with a smokebomb. Since I was the one who actually bought it, I got most of the blame and was expelled. I then later appealed to the school district and talked my way back into the school.
But enough about me, what happened to you guys? :D

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When I was 16 (don’t ask what was going through my head) me and my little brother starting argueing about nonsense, he threw a baseball at my head because he thought I was “being mean” to him. I found a basketball hoop backboard in the woods behind our house…and I flung it at him like a frisbee. It wasn’t that heavy though. When my brother saw it coming at him he tried to get out of the way but he dive the wrong way, he went right into it and it hit him square in the stomache. I didn’t even see daylight again for the rest of the year because I was forced to stay in my room for a month. With very few exceptions. That’s the all-time most bone-headed thing I’ve ever done.

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I held up a bank once. Luckily it was a piggy bank and I was holding it above my head.

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I broke in to a apartment complex the pool was frozen we jumped on it through stuff at it
got in trouble with the

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This is so embarassing but I will tell you anyways…. The thing that got me in the most trouble was when I was about 6 years old, my best friend and I decided that we wanted to play laundry mat with my elderly neighbors clothes. Well we did this for about three days by taking a long piece of pvc pipe and grabbing their undergarments from the clothes line then hauling ass back to a huge mud puddle in the woods behind our house. We would take sticks and stir the clothes around for hours and then just leave them there.
Well about that third day… lol Mrs. Maple caught us and she called my father and informed him of what was going on. Dad made my friend and I go to the woods and retrieve all of the clothing, we then washed them in the regular washer lol… Needless to say I couldn’t sit down or walk straight for about a week…. It really sucked and I never messed with peoples clothing on the lines again.

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In sophomore year of high school, my friend and I made a potato gun and fired it in a forest preserve.

When we were about to leave, police officers with M4A1s told us to lie face down in the dirt while they searched us and confiscated our potato gun.

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That’s because they were looking for a WSD’s (weapons of starch destruction)

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@ playthebanjo – that was damn funny. I like the way you think. As you were typing that I was thinking weapons of spud destruction. excellent job banjo!!!

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arrested for drinking and driving at 20. Ran away for a couple hours one time at 15 LOL

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one of many charges i caught at one time was ”“introduction of drugs into a penal facility.” i was nineteen. i got been arrested for drunk driving. i had a baggie with several valiums in it. the cop searched the car made me take my shoes off and groped me. i had the baggie way up in my buttcrack. then i go to jail. im in a holding cell with another person. i take the bag out and start eating the valiums. my cellmate starts screaming he has drugs. the cops drag me out and search me. they make me bend over and cough. they find one pill i think they planted it. after the search they give me some orange clothes and tell me to take a shower with the lice soap. i see a toilet next to the shower and i think real quick this might be the last time i can sh@* alone. so i sit down and let it out. a cop opens the door and says “what are you doing?” i say “sh@%*ng” the cop says” DO NOT FLUSH THAT!!! i say ok. when im done two cops one with a flashlight and one with a ruler are digging through my poo looking for contraband. im heckling them the whole time im wasted also. “you dumb pigs! digging thru my sh@#! “you guys got a good job” i stayed the night in the drunktank. i later had the dui reduced to illegal consumption and the introduction of drugs into a penal facility which is a felony reduced to possession of a controlled substance a misdemeanor

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Ok so I guess it comes down to the time my friend got caught shop lifting and I was with her, so the security called in the real cops. We were sitting in a room and being searched for other stolen goods. They had to call our parents, and thats when the trouble started. I think I would have rather them had taken me to jail.

The other time was when I was around 10 and me and my cousin decided to run away. We had it all planned out, back packs, sleeping bags, money, and food. We were gone for about 4 hours. And then my uncle finally found us, and brought us back to the house. I had never been so yelled at in my life. Me and my cousin weren’t allowed to hang out for a while. Which sucked cause we saw each other every weekend.

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When I was 7 my friend and I stole some rolling papers. Well, we were spies, you see, as well as thieves, and those little papers were perfect for spy notes. I had no idea what they were really for. Little sisters got a hold of them. Big fight. Dad intervenes….and I thought he was going to go through the roof. He was demanding to know, “WHO sold these to you?” By his tone I understood that he was going to kill someone, so to save the convenience store clerk’s life I confessed to stealing them. Well, Dad made me take them back and with a bit of a catch in his voice he said, “I’ll just have to beg them not to throw you in jail,” and put his face in his hands. I was freaking TERRIFIED!!! Never stole another damn thing till I was in high school!

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I’ve been sitting here for about 10 minutes now, trying to think of a time that i’ve gotten into big trouble, and i can’t. at least nothing beside dumb little fights with siblings and whatnot.
don’t get me wrong, i’ve done some really, really stupid shit, but never got caught…
I’m lame. i need to cause some mischief now! who’s with me?

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