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What age was your baby the first time you left them overnight?

Asked by pkuttner (150points) August 5th, 2012

We have a 4 month old and at some point we would like to leave the baby overnight so we can enjoy some much needed couple time. We live with our baby’s grandparents, so it would not involve dropping baby off somewhere unfamiliar. I KNOW that I am not ready to leave baby overnight now. I am just curious when other people did it.

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Yep, 4 months. I left my daughter with a good friend for a night out.
For about 6 hours.
You have to let go sometime, and trust me, as an “older” woman (52) you MUST make your relrtionship a priority or baby won’t have a family somewhere down the road.

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After I weaned each of mine; while nursing I felt better hanging out with them.

Around. four months for both.

I too was lucky in having my in-laws nearby and enthusiastic.

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Similarly to @Coloma and @gailcalled, we went for our first night out (a few hours) after our baby was about three-four months old. It was much longer before we went away overnight. I can’t remember how old they were but they were a few years old before we left them overnight. I didn’t have close relatives who were able to care for my children overnight though.

I think it’s a good thing to try to have some couple time if you have in-laws who are able to look after your baby. I would probably start with just an evening. You will probably fret more than your baby will, but it can be a bit of a transition leaving them with people, even people you trust, for a few hours.

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My son was 5 months old. I had enough breastmilk pumped and frozen for a weekend getaway. We only lasted the one night, and had too much separation anxiety, so we went home after just the one night away.

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We had an evening out for a wedding when my son was three months old. It worked because m parents lived about 2 miles from the reception, so his mom left to feed him and then came back.

I think we went for a movie when he was 6 months. But it was a long time before my ex stayed away from our son for a full night.

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