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How does someone with 32gb on their phone put that space into good use?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) August 5th, 2012

Having a laptop already, I can’t fathom racking up 32gb worth of memory on a phone. What does someone do on their phone that would require such space?

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My music library alone is a few GB, and I also have more than a few apps, plus many of the PDF files for my game books, some videos….

The music and videos are the biggest storage hogs.

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Music, movies, photos.

A friend of mine downloads TV shows in HD and watches on his phone on the way to work. Those take up a lot of space. Also good for long trips or when you’re waiting (like a doctor’s office, etc)

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There’s always a way. This is how ancient I am: My first personal computer, in 1990, was a homemade IBM XT clone with a 20mb hard drive, the first computer I had with hard drive, I had previously used Macs at school and we carried around our the operating system on one 3 & ¼ inch disk and our data on one or two other 3&¼’ disks and I couldn’t imagine how I could need that much hard drive space, how I could ever fill that hard drive up. On several occasions since, over the years, have seriously underestimated the amount of memory that would end up needing. So, I always get a device that has more memory than I think I’m going to need because I always do need more memory. Memory costs ,money, yes it does, but if you want to have room for things you have to pay for it.

Images and video certainly take a lot of memory… applications, depending on the application, can take up a lot of memory, music can take up a lot of memory, even audio books and pod casts can take up a lot of memory. If you’re good about deleting or transferring video, images and audio and deleting audio books and pod casts, etc. from your mobile device when you no longer need or want them on your mobile device then you probably don’t need 32gb. I am not so good at that kind of thing and in the end, I would rather have more than enough memory than not enough memory.

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@lillycoyote There was a time when 160KB was a lot of storage, and 5K of RAM was plenty of room to load an application into.

Flash forward a few years, and I went from a Vic-20 to the Mac Plus; 1MB RAM and 800K/disc. There was enough RAM to do what I needed to most of the time, and I only really needed about 20MB of storage.

Another leap, and I am finding 768MB of RAM to be the bare minimum required to run WinXP, and more RAM required to run any applications on top of it, and I am cramming drives on every IDE cable I can get because 7GB is a little tight.

Now? I run 6GB of RAM (haven’t had any issues there yet), 1 TB of storage (only ⅔ full), and marvel how things have bloated about a million-fold. Imagine how fast computers would be if we ran the sort of tight, efficient code that we were forced to back then….Oh , wait… Linux!...

The thing is, there are people (myself included) who use their phones as a computer that just happens to make calls. That means that you will find the same sort of stuff on a person’s phone as on their computer. That includes porn. With that comes the need for quite a bit of storage. While many Macbook Fanbois may claim that 32GB storage is perfectly fine for a computer, the truth is that you have to keep an eye on the future. Take however much storage you think you need, and double it for every year you plan to keep the device.

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@jerv I think that was kind of what I was trying to say. In the past I have seriously underestimated the amount of storage/memory I will use or need. Now, when I buy a device, not necessarily a desktop or laptop, but definitely any mobile device, I always get as much or at least twice as much storage/memory than I might think I need.

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I have music, photos, apps, movies, books, games and a few phone numbers of friends! I agree get as much as you can, you will always find something to fill it up!

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@lillycoyote I know; I was just expanding on it.

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@jerv lol. I’m usually so long-winded that I generally don’t need being expanded on, but feel free to anytime. This was an uncharacteristically short answer for me.

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My music and audio-book collection is about 120 GB

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