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How much does it cost to get certified as a PADI scuba diving instructor?

Asked by pixiequeen12 (137points) June 2nd, 2008

And once you’re certified, do they help in placing you at a resort that needs an instructor? Has anybody ever done this as a way of adding a little spice/adventure to life?

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wizard's avatar You can find a ton of information on scuba diving instructing there, plus prices on becoming a certified instructor.

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And depending on how many courses you want to take, it will range from 125$ a day, to 350$ per day.

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A plane ticket to Honduras and a few months of free work for a dive shop on Utila

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Dont do it for $ you won’t come out ahead. If its a dream go for it. It cost a fortune. I do instruction for the fire dept. And the police dept. I do rescue, evidence recovery and body recovery in Louisiana.

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