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Are there any places that are not traditionally beautiful you would like to visit?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) December 13th, 2021 from iPhone

For instance, a desert. It’s not necessarily “beautiful” as a vacation, but it is beautiful, and clean.

Perhaps there are other slightly inhospitable looking places that make good hikes, or vacation destinations.

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I would like to drive to the North West Territories through Red Earth in Canada.
I also would like to visit the south pole. If just to have an unlimited selections of chocolate bars.

I would also like to live on Mars.

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I can’t think of any.

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The moon or Mars

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The Black Hills of North Dakota?

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Ancient Egypt, when the aliens built the pyramids.

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The South Pole.

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I guess the Middle East is a place I don’t always find beautiful, but most religious Americans would love to visit.

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Auschwitz enough said !

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I am fascinated by factories, especially big and busy ones. I was once at the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington, where they make 787s.

I would love to go and see various large industrial concerns, such as:

Automobile manufacturer
Locomotive manufacturer
US Post office sorting center
Air traffic control tower
UPS hub
Medication manufacturing

Anything complex that works.

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@janbb Ahem…I know you meant South Dakota, right? ~;o)

Still thinkin’ ‘bout ugly places to visit.

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I don’t want to go there again, but don’t overlook the bad, bad Badlands of South Dakota. You’re crossing a broad, flat stretch of open territory, and suddenly this raw, jagged, primitive-looking silhouette rises up on the horizon. Pretty soon you’re encompassed by a vast otherworldly landscape that was once underwater. It looks dire in every direction. My son the photographer thought it was magnificent, but to me it was more like bad-dream country.

Also go ahead and follow the signs to Wall Drug. It’s worth a visit, even if not beautiful.

Oh, and @elbanditoroso, I bet you would like the American Precision Museum in Windsor, Vermont, a small private museum that tracks the development of precision machining that enabled mass production of firearms and then manufacturing equipment in such a way that parts could be replaced with matching parts instead of having everything a one-off. Machines and metal and guns and mass production are not my thing at all, but I found the exhibits fascinating, demonstrated to us one by one by the curator, and I would say beautiful, too, but then I would have to erase this answer.

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I have to agree with @Tropical_Willie Auschwitz

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@Tropical_Willie @anniereborn

I’ve been to Dachau. My taxi driver didn’t understand why I wanted to go. Why revisit war and genocide, when there were beautiful castles and museums to see?

But I think retracing steps along the paths of our collective history is a more poignant perspective than a beautiful view.

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I’d like to visit the battlefield of Changping in northern China. A battle was fought here in 260BC which led to the unification of China. Before that China, like Europe today, was divided into many small independent states.

It isn’t an attractive place but it is of interest to anyone curious about the past and world history. Human remains have been found on the site together with metal arrowheads and 2,200-year-old cooking pots used by the soldiers. In places the ruts made by chariot wheels are visible.

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I’d love to visit the evacuated cities and towns around Chernobyl. They look like sets for a science fiction movie about a dystopian future.

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@LuckyGuy Chernobyl! Good call!

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Old European cemeteries at night during a full moon. Where Van Helsing and Harker went to visit Lucy’s tomb.

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@LostInParadise I’ve been in a number of caves in France that had cave paintings. It is a wondrous experience!

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Virginia City, Nevada, USA.

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@Jeruba The American Precision Museum is indeed a great place to visit. It played an important part in the American Industrial Era

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@Forever_Free, the last time I was in Vermont (the state of my birth), my son wanted to visit the museum, but we were one day early for their season opening. He called anyway, and the manager/curator told us to come ahead. He gave us a thorough private tour, explaining and demoing everything and giving us little samples of brass artifacts. We bought T-shirts that said “I love machines.” After that we went to the granite quarry in Barre and saw how they cut and engrave the stone. Fascinating and highly recommended.

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@Jeruba Thanks for the recommend on Barre. I have been there a few times but not to the quarry. I did visit a granite quarry in Deer Isle Maine last year. Known for it’s pink Granite. Amazing process. I now have a pink granite door stop :)

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