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Facebook is putting out "See who's viewing your page" daily - how does someone stop that?

Asked by jca (36043points) August 8th, 2012

A friend of mine clicked on “Guess who’s viewing your page” on Facebook and as a result, it is putting this out on his wall daily.

How does someone put an end to that from appearing on their wall every day?

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When the story appears, hover your mouse over it. At the top right of the story, a down arrow will appear, showing there is a menu you can click on. Click on it, and amongst the options are “hide all stories/updates from….” It should allow you to block the app.

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and it isn’t actually facebook doing it. It is a virus type script that gets spread around. You could report it as spam or something.

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@harple: I don’t want to block it from appearing on my wall, he wants to block it from posting on his wall.

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Ah, he clicked on it… so it is now appearing on EVERY one of his friend’s wall as well. Do not click on it. It is essentially ‘spyware’. It is NOT from Facebook the company. Block and report.

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He can do the same process…

He could also go into his apps and block it there I believe, if my original idea doesn’t do what he needs.

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I’ll tell him and see what he does and if it works.

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If he goes to the down arrow up at the top right, and from that menu chooses account settings.

Then on the left of the screen click on Apps.

Then click on the x at the far right of the particular app that is causing the problem, he can then stop the app from accessing him and delete all the activity.

This doesn’t have the option to report it as spam though, which the first way does.

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You could quit facebook altogether and stop leaking private data all over the internet…

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