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Are work-from-home transcription jobs legit?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15724points) August 9th, 2012

I’m a college student and my husband and I are buying our first home. I normally work part time at a bank (on call) during the school year and breaks, but this semester’s schedule leaves no time for that. I need something I can do for extra money, but I don’t want to get a nights/weekends job at some restaurant just to quit in three months.

I type over 70 wpm and I’m looking for opportunities I can do from home for extra money. I know those mystery shopper and survey opportunities are pretty much all BS, but what about transcriptionist positions? Perhaps medical (I completed a few semesters of nursing school and I worked at a medical office for over a year) or legal (I’m currently working toward a career in criminal justice and I have some internship experience and knowledge of basic law) transcription opportunities. I found a ton of sites that offer these positions, but I don’t want to go for it if it’s a crapshoot.

Anyone have any experience with these sites/opportunities? Or even other ideas as to what I can do for some extra cash without putting in an application at McDonalds.

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While some are real, a lot, and I do mean a lot are scams. Your best bet is to find local companies (or local branches of large companies) that have positions opening. Also you can’t just do medical transcription typically, have you taken any formal medical terminology classes? Sometimes they want you to have formal training in it.

Also you can type fast on the number pad (on the side of a keyboard)? That was a major thing companies desire because transcription of any kind tends to use that a lot. I also had to take online tests that measured my speed and accuracy (it’s a lot harder to type fast when you know you are being timed).

If these jobs were so easy to get, everyone would do them. I found it is really, really hard to break into this field if you have no experience because there are way more people who apply than there are spots.

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There are several legitimate work at home options and the most lucrative are customer service reps, virtual assistants, writers/editors and online tutors/teachers all of which I think fit your criteria and talents (mystery shoppers are also legitimate) And they all seem to be the most rewarding. If you look deep enough you might even find unique positions from different companies based on your qualifications and if yu wanted another option you can even work as a Medical Scriber at a hospital.

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@hug_of_war No, I don’t have any formal training in medical transcription. I’ve done three clinical semesters of nursing school and, like I said, I worked at a medical office, but never transcribing. But yes, I am very fast on the number pad – working for the bank came in handy there, soooo many account numbers. :) I was thinking of maybe calling local law offices to see if they could use someone, but that seems far fetched.

I’ve also thought about babysitting or cleaning houses for extra money but, to be honest, I don’t like kids and I’m doing good to clean my own house on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I’ll be in class this semester from noon to 4PM Monday-Friday. My schedule leaves no time for anything except night jobs, but I don’t want to start a job that I know I’ll be quitting come December. I would if I had to, but the money I’m trying to make would just be extra money for us.

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Some are. Research the company to make sure.

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