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Are there some foods you hated as a kid but now like or love to eat?

Asked by AshlynM (10677points) August 14th, 2012

I used to hate mushrooms, raw or cooked, but now I can eat them fried and sauteed, the only ways. I still won’t eat them raw. They need to be cooked.

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Green peas (canned) love fresh peas or frozen sometimes.

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We only had canned or fresh vegetables when we were kids. Canned spinach and peas are the worst thing possible fresh, they’re delicious and I really like them now.

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Pretty much any vegetable. My mom’s idea of cooking was to open a can and then cook it some more, just in case that was a bit of texture or taste left. When I went to college and discovered foods that crunched, I was amazed.

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The only thing I can think of is salad and salad dressing. I hated salad and salad dressing when I was a kid, and now there are some salads I really enjoy.

@syz In college? Like in the school cafeterias? That would be funny if you discovered better food in a caf. Is your mom from the south? I can’t get over how long a southerner will boil a green bean. Restaurants, supposedly chefs, who supposedly can cook well enough to be cooking in a restaurant. Green beans boiled to death with pork added for flavor. Yuck.

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I couldn’t stand tomatoes. Now I can tolerate them, but they’re not my favorite by a long shot.

I also hated Indian food. I think because it’s spicy, and as a child I thought it was too hot and too disgusting. Now I like it. It’s still weird, but it’s an acquired taste.

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Tons of things. Bananas, caramel, yogurt, salad without dressing, asparagus, oatmeal, grilled chicken, mussels, oysters, fish. The list goes on. I was an extremely picky kid, but I’m starting to grow out of it and my tastes have definitely expanded.

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Liver. I love chicken livers now, but still have a problem with other livers.

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@JLeslie Yep, mom’s a southerner. I remember eating at a restaurant and being shocked, shocked, by a green bean that wasn’t mush. And real cheesecake! I though a cheesecake was that thing that came out of a box.

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@syz Too funny. I made stuffed shells and green beans for coworkers one day, and they went on and on about the sauteed green beans, wondering how I made them.

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Lasagne… in fact, anything made with mince… (I once burst into tears at the table and exclaimed “I wish I was a puppy!” because a puppy wouldn’t have to eat lasagne!)

Black pudding, which I now adore! (For some reason, I used to call it d’artagnan, though I would never have known it was spelt like that!)

Onions – I still don’t like them raw (not even red onion) but use them all the time in cooking for the flavour they add.

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Spinach and Fish.

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Fish. I wasn’t a fussy eater even as a kid. I used to love eating spinach, still do.
The only thing I can think of that I didn’t enjoy eating is fish, which I enjoy eating now :)

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I didn’t like most things as a kid. I was an embarrassingly picky eater.
Now, though, I will eat anything that is vegetarian, there’s no fruit or vegetable I can’t rejoice in, and I love onions and mushrooms, both of which I used to really detest.

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Gracious where to start. I too was a very picky eater as a child, but luckily my parents never forced me to eat anything. My Dad said he was forced to eat things when he was little and subsequently he is a very picky eater and will eat virtually no vegetables. Which is kind of ironic considering that I am a vegetarian.

When I was a kid, I susbsited on Kraft macaroni and cheese, spaghetti with butter only (no red sauce) peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, American cheese slices, hot dogs, plain rice, carrots, lettuce and celery.

So I used to hate mushrooms, onions, anything spicy or what I called “hot” like Coke or Pepsi, most meat (but that turned out to be in my favor since I don’t eat any meat now) broccoli, tomatoes, mayonaise, whole wheat bread, squash, hazelnuts, most cheeses (except for American cheese) grapefruit, and coconut.

There was a whole other world of foods in which I was not exposed to that I know I would have hated as a kid like any of the greens, most herbs and tofu. Luckily I encountered those foods in my 20’s after my tastebuds had changed and I started to like all of the things on the list from above. I was never thrilled with meat, but I did learn to like carnitas and hamburgers, but then when I was 25 I decided to go veg and I’ve never looked back.

So I will eat almost anything vegetarian now, except I still don’t really care for okra, although I’ve eaten it pickled and it’s pretty tasty and not slimy. I really don’t like eggplant except for in Indian bharta or Lebanese pickled baby eggplants stuffed with walnuts, which have the misfortune to look like rotting men’s testicles as you can see Here But trust me, they’re delicious!

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Brussel Sprouts.

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^^ What about Spotted Dick?

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Ooh, yuk….I hate currants!!
Got out of that one nicely

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Mushrooms for me too. When I was a kid, I reasoned that if they were any good, they wouldn’t have been given a name like “mushrooms.” That was enough information for me.

And my mother never fooled me once with “All the more for me, then” (mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, figs, dates, cauliflower, cabbage, fish, strawberry jam, and much, much more). That was transparently an adult trick and I never fell for it.

I love all of those things now except figs and dates.

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Mushrooms, tomatoes, peas. Still not wild about peas but I’ll eat them.

My daughter was a rare child – she loved mushrooms even as a toddler.

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Peas. I love them now though.

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@Jeruba I used to call them mushy roomy rooms : P

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When I was young, like 4 or 5, I was convinced that in order to get milk, they had to kill the cows, which I didn’t think was nice, so I refused to drink milk. This is particularly funny because I ate all kinds of meat and didn’t even stop to think how that stuff ended up on my plate. But then my parents brought me to a dairy farm, I saw that milking was helpful to cows, and I pretty much only drink milk now. So it’s all good!

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@TheIntern55 That reminds me of when I was little, I was scared to death of the sight or sound of a fire truck. Because fire trucks put out fires, so to my little ears that meant the fire was being put out of the fire truck an onto a house!

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@Kardamom lol, you just made my day with that.

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@Kardamom Guess what my mum made today? It reminded me of you.

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I’m gonna guess it might be bharta???

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I wasn’t picky, and I liked pretty much everything. Except skin on Jello, liver and blood pudding. I still don’t like them, either.

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I am quite a fan of Brussel Sprouts now.

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@Kardamom Nope. Kheer :D

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Broccoli ,onions, and tomatoes used to make me queeze. Tomato parts have to be really small or I don’t want them. Watching someone just munch a cherry tomato out of a salad… still gross.

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I guess I’m one of the only people that has always loved mushrooms! Even when I was a little kid I loved them, and they’re still one of my favorites.

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I only know one person who hates mushrooms, and he is a meat and potatoes guy, so it didn’t phase me when he said it. I didn’t know it was this common? I’ve always liked mushrooms. But, I don’t like fresh tomatoes, blueberries, whipped cream, cream cheese, or cheesecake. Still don’t. And, those are foods most people love. Well, now I like tomatoes if they are in Pico de gallo with tons of lemon, but plain tomato, yuck.

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@JLeslie I’m used to hating a lot of foods that most people love. For one, I’m not a huge fan of potatoes, which a lot of people think is a crime. I’m also not a fan of poultry, and that includes chicken, unless it’s grilled. I don’t like tomatoes unless it’s tomato sauce or ketchup. I don’t like most cheeses. People think I’m crazy!

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@mangeons I like very few cheeses also. And, it has to be melted, except for mozerella, that I can eat cold. People go all gaga for cheese plates and wine, and I think yuck. I don’t even drink the wine, let alone eat the cheese. When cold sandwiches are premade here in America they always have cheese on them, gross. Oh, and sandwiches, done’t get me started, I hate mayo shmeared on the bread. All these are good in my opinion, I don’t want to cultivate a taste for them. Cheese and mayo are bad for my health.

Meanwhile, I just thought of two things I can eat now, that I used to dislike very much. I still don’t love them, but I can eat them. One is asparagus, but only if it is grilled or roasted, and the other is cilantro.

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@JLeslie Mozarella is one of the few cheeses that I love, along with colby jack cheese. I’m also a fan of the mini Babybel light cheese rounds (the kind that come in the red wax) as well as their light garlic herb cheese wedges. I also really hate mayonnaise. It’s one of the things that I’ll outright refuse to eat, I think it’s disgusting.

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^ I still don’t like to eat those. Make my mouth feel funny. But a banana milkshake is always welcome :D

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I myself love banana flavored milk.

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I used to hate bananas too! I love them now. They are my favourite fruit.

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@Symbeline I make a killer banana milkshake, it’s kinda famous amongst my friends :D
Why don’t ya come on over sometime and we can both have some and watch a really good horror movie!

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I’d be up for that. I love banana milk, but I’ve only ever had store bought kinds.

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@MilkyWay Thank you for starting my evening craving for a banana milkshake!

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@Kardamom Haha, why don’t you treat yourself? :D

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