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What do you always find in the laundry?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) August 14th, 2012

When I do laundry, no matter who the clothes belong to or how carefully I have emptied the pockets, I inevitably find at least two guitar picks in the washer. Is there anything that you always find in the laundry?

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My partner’s foam ear plugs from work. I need to get into the habit of checking his pockets better.

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The large hole where the missing socks used to be.

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Always? No, but sometimes I find lighters and sometimes a coin. (My rule is that any cash I find in the laundry is regarded as a tip.) It used to be marbles, matchbox cars, and little rubber dinosaurs. Worst find is the distributed shreds of a Kleenex, but a Hershey kiss is an unwelcome second.

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I always find money, at least a dollar bill or two. I don’t like to be totally without money when I’m out without my purse, so I stick a few dollars in my pocket and always forget about it.

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Paper… always something I’ve scribbled down and put into my pocket… impulsive poems, names of songs/artists, phone numbers etc.
And usually a 1 or 2 pound coin.

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Pennies and wads of blue painters tape.

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Money (whether it is coins or bills).

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How come nobody finds the missing socks in there?

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Thumb drives

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^^ Ouch! And there goes all of your info, right down the drain.

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The usual offenders are nails (like carpentry, not finger), paper clips, my hair, or chapstick.

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Lets see with two toddlers no matter how much I check a little toy always makes it into the wash from someones pocket

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My cat once gave birth in my neighbor’s dryer, and two of the kittens were dead. I could hear her screaming and I knew what had happened. ’
I no longer do my laundry, but I regularly used to find money and my son’s weird coin collection at least once a week.

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Without fail I always find a destroyed paper or ultra compressed tissue dust ball. Artificial super lint. @Trillan do you no longer do laundry because of that incident!?

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@creepermax, no but I found a service that does it for me. The older I get, the less inclined I am to do some things. It started with the lawn, and working under the hood of my car. Laundry got added to that list about two years ago. Now if I could just get them to come to my house and dress me in the morning… ;-)

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I hate the tissue shreds which come from my pockets. I’m the only one to blame. Occasional paper clips are the only things to lighten the irritation of the darn paper feathers. The only thing worse than having the laundry defaced with paper bits is having to remove them all. Many of them are still there after a time in the dryer.

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Leftover latex gloves from my husband’s work, and dollar bills. The money is my tip, haha, and I put it all in a “stash box.”

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@Jeruba – this brings to mind something my mother once said, when we were still teenagers. “What’s in the pocket belongs to the washer.” This was an age when somebody would collect the washing about once a week, take it away and bring it back, clean and dry. Ironing was extra. The comment arose out of an argument she had with my second brother: he had left a 2-dollar note in his school pants. Let me be fair to my mother’s memory: she did give it back to him.

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Kleenx tissue shreds – nearly every time – from my own pockets. I have allergies and carry tissues at all times.

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Money, shreds of tissue, shopping lists. The worst was crayons since they didn’t get discovered until after the dryer.

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Cash. Finders keepers!

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Hubby and little man are tragic when it comes to stuffed pockets. Hubby: guitar picks, lighters, snus boxes, folded up reports for his work, business cards, taxi chits, boarding cards, maps, receipts of every description from around the world. Little man: sticks, rocks, toys (mostly lego), more rocks, bits of trash, shells, broken glass, packs of gum. Because of the volume of shit in pockets, I am absolutely religious about checking pockets and emptying them. I do miss the occasional stack of paper that has been crammed in a jacket pocket and cross my fingers that it wasn’t an irreplaceable status report about a ship’s navigational equipment.

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I’m very careful about checking all the pockets, so it baffles me that I often find two coins in the washer. I can understand missing one, but two? It’s weird.

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Dog poo bags (unused) frequently leave them in my pockets.

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@ucme I have done that before

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Buttons also make a more than preferred appearance in the washing machine. On a positive note, it’s probably better to find them there than to lose them altogether.

Tissue users: Have you considered converting to handkerchiefs?

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@creative1 Difference being, I get a clip around the earhole from the wife…bless all ten of her tiny toes.

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@ucme did they make it all the way to the dryer or something? I know I always find mine in the washer machine and all that happens in there is I end up with washed bags but I would hate to find out what would happen to them if they made it to the dryer.

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@creative1 No, they’re retrieved straight from the washer, all twisted but very clean.

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@cazzie when the kids were younger there were always Legos in the washing machine! I could have built an entire city with the cup of Legos on top of the washer.

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Kleenex, which somehow got missed and is now a lot of tiny pieces “all over the washer”.

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