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What is it about New York that it seems they are the most progressive citizens in the U.S. artistically?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) August 14th, 2012

From bands, to the media, to writers, culinary and etc does it seem like New York is where artist actually get things done at a larger ratio than other states in the art realm?

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Because Seattle is only a small part of Washington state? Nirvana, Mario Batali, Jimi Hendrix… all from here.

I think diversity has a bit to do with it though. Both NY and Seattle are more diverse than a lot of other places, so those who are naturally a bit creative see a lot more different influences to spark them into creative life.

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The reason behind this is not because New Yorkers themselves are more productive, but it is that artists from around the country move to New York seeking to become well-known artists. New York has a large amount of national and international influence and connections, so artists who aspire to become well known are drawn to New York because of the oppurtunity.

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I suspect that one of the main reasons is that New York is the largest, most populated city in the United States. More people, more venues, more opportunities, more artists: more art. There is a tremendous amount and variety of “art” that is produced all over the U.S., if we are only talking about the U.S. here, but many people seem to overlook, ignore, the art, of all kinds, and the artists, of all kinds, that come from, and thrive, and produce wonderful “art,” art, music, theater, literature, architecture, music, etc., in other parts of the U.S.

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Inspiration is everywhere. New York is it’s own creature. No place on Earth is even remotely like it.

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@Mr_Paradox That is very true, but New Yorkers can be, really, quite provincial in their own way: “Oh, you have crime where you live? You have art where you live? You have traffic and food where you live? I didn’t know that.” :-)

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@lillycoyote I’m talking culture here.

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Because NYC never sleeps and it is the most amazing city in the world! (Although Singapore and Hong Kong are not too shabby either)

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There are lots of reasons: availability of a critical mass of consumers (people who have means, interest, and money to consume art), other artists around to spread ideas with, a high density of museums and universities, artistic endowments, and a long history of attracting people in the arts. A relatively permissive culture compared to the rest of the USA probably helps too; the only relatively similar places in this regard are perhaps New Orleans and San Francisco, and both are quite small.

Even secondary industries help the arts; media and architecture both require artistic input.

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@bolwerk I thoroughly agree with that. It’s like all these “newbie” media people flock there to meet other “newbie” artists and etc, and just create this super hub of “newbie” culture. (I say newbie in the sense that it seems everyone is taking a fresh idea and everyone is all learning on the fly.) It just seems like a place where people like to get things done.

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