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Why do people like dogs and/or cats so much?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5487points) August 15th, 2012

Why do we like these critters? Why do we like other animals at all? What purpose could this have in our development as a species, what is “the psychology” behind this? Thoughts?

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Animals bring out our nurturing side, are companions, helpers, ( many breeds of dogs, horses, etc.) and delight us with their antics and innocent, happy go lucky, animal personalities. Why do we like anything? Human preference knows no bounds.
My ex mother-in-law used to harass me about having pet geese.
She would say ” I just don’t understand WHY you want pet geese!”

I’d tell her, ( pissed her off to no end lol ) ” Well, I don’t understand why you collect Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Sheesh…. I like geese because they are smart, beautiful, funny, quirky, and they are the best “dogs” I have ever had.
Nobody ever calls and says ” Your goose just ran my horse into a fence.” haha

I adore my two cats for all the same reasons. They are cute, smart, funny, loveable and great little friends to hang around with. :-)

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Survival. (hunting buddies/representation for control/domination of another species) It’s all quite barbaric really. It’s evolved into a lovey dubby relationship in recent centuries.

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I like them but don’t need to have 12 like my friend does. She has no lounge to sit in anymore since they chewed the lounge suite up. Also a few of them bite her. She also spends loads of doe on them and walks them all twice a day

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Because of moments like this and this and this

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They accept us just as we are, warts and all. No judgments, just love.

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What is it with kitties and open drawers (of any sort)?


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@thorninmud: Except for the occasional moment when we become a source of a quick mini- snack or sip of blood.

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My cat was my unflinching, mostly non-judgmental, companion for fourteen years. When she died, some of the light in the world went out for me. I have no explanation for that.

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I love both. I think it is because of their loving natures, their soft fur, and their beauty.

I think it helps develop our empathy and our liking of the natural world so that we want to take care of it.

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We may get dogs or cats solely for companionship. Also they don’t talk back or judge you like people do. They might provide cute entertainment, such as when they’re sleeping or playing.

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We bond with our pets not unlike we bond with people. More accurately, in a similar way that we bond with babies. This article is sort of old, but it sums it up.

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Next pet that I get, the name is going to be Baudelaire after my favorite French poet. :)

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Studies have shown that they sooth us and even lower stress and blood pressure. So much so they have therapies in hospitals and retirement homes where they take in cats and/or dogs for the patients.

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from Les Chats – Baudelaire


as thine, mysterious puss, methinks,
feline seraphic, weird and strange,
spirit of subtlety and change,
melodious and lovely sphynx!

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Reason number one, because they don’t talk back.

Reason number two, they give the best kisses.

Reason number three, it’s funny when they toot.

Reason number four… just because. =]

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Dogs and cats love us unconditionally. We as humans, don’t always have the ability to love other people as unconditionally as our pets. Dogs and cats are sweet and very loyal. They have the ability to feel our pain and immediately know to come up to us and give us love. They soothe our moods by letting us pat them and relax. This reminds me of all those Animal Planet shows I’ve watched where the animals were tortured by their owners and neglected. Dogs and cats
have the ability to forgive and forget everything they went through, with a little bit of love and nurturing. I love animals!! They are the best and I thank God for putting all his wonderful creatures on earth for us to enjoy.

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Just rolled in over here and the greeting committee was on high alert. Mules and horse at the fence, geese honking “she’s HOME!”, cats coming out to greet me. Now, the geese are getting fresh swimming pool’s to ride out the rest of this hot day up on my big shady lawn. I’ll toss in a floating salad bar and the “neigh-bors” have ice cold carrots waiting for them. I love all the critters in my life beyond measure! :-)

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They are nonjudgmental companions that are there for you in a pinch.

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Breaded and deep-fried. Mmmm.

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Here’s an article I found on Yahoo that talks about how dogs improve our health in 8 ways. Enjoy!!

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Mature relationship only possible between equals. Some people incapable of mature relationships between equal humans, demand master-slave relationship. Dogs and cats far inferior intellectually, thus they can be best slaves tyrants want most. I not want cats and dogs around me, can have no satisfying relationships when extreme inferiors present. I have nice lover, good friends among fellow humans, not need slaves.

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