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Is it possible to merge two or more tps files?

Asked by bongo (4297points) August 16th, 2012

I have downloaded tpsUtil and I have worked out how to split an existing tps file into its constituent files however I need to do the reverse and add 2 tps files to make 1 larger tps file containing more images with landmarks. I have already plotted the landmarks on the photos however I have now found out for analysis I need to merge a few of the files so that I can make different comparisons with the data. Is this possible? If so what software should I use or can I do this with tpsUtil? I really dont want to have to create new tps files from my jpegs and re-plot all of the landmarks!

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First of all, I’m surprised to find out that TPS Reports are real. What’s next? “Clams got legs?”

Well, back in the dark days of DOS there was a way to copy-append files to each other. We could use the command:
copy fileone.ext + filetwo.ext filenew.ext

That is, copy one file + another file to make “filenew.ext”. But that might have only worked with text files. I just tried it with a couple of .jpg files and the results were unsatisfactory.

Adobe and other .pdf file creators and manipulators can do this pretty easily, but I have no idea of the format of your TPS reports files.

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@CWOTUS thanks! I have actually worked it out now and it is possible with TPSutil. under the option of append files. Did not see that one! Under the insructions I found people were calling it merge files and combine files, I didnt look up to the top to see append files until you said! Thanks!

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Hi @bongo I was wondering if when you split an existing tps file, the new files had their original jpg name? I have tried splitting a tps file, but the new files all had the same name with a (1), (2), (3)... ending. This is not ideal for my work. Any idea how I can get them to return to their original jpg name? I included the path when forming the large tps file.
Thank you!

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