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food. i love eating out in restaurants (also fast food – but very few places). It becomes quite an expensive affair assuming the average dish is 11–13$ and then the tip. But since i don’t spend tons of money on things like makeup and clothes (like my friends do), i think it evens out…hopefully.

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Things for my home and family. However I do have a weakness for office supplies and purses.

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Make-up, perfume, watches, jewelrey and purses.

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We go to the mall almost every weekend, we spend like 100–130 in there, clothes and stuff for us and the baby, we go to walmart and spend 200 in those things to make food, I dont know how to say it, I’m learning English, and rent, bills, you know… And you?

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Shoes and petrol (gas).

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oooh i don’t know how i could possibly have forgotten to mention gas…especially with the prices these days…

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oh yeah, and gas!!

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booze and cigarettes. And music.

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What ebenezer said. Except I steal music.

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Gas—_—and Weed ^__^

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johnpowell- ah, more money for booze then, brilliant!

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Food, smokes, clothes, renting movies, cell phone bill, ect…

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food, computer parts, girlfriend, other friends, family. Oh, and this notorious crack habit I can’t seem to kick.

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Stuff that smells good

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NYC rent! NYC cigs!! Etc…

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I don’t spend all that much $ relatively… but this question made me realize I paid for gas, car insurance, and a speeding ticket in one day!

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Music, I spend a lot on music, way too much haha, besides that I tend to save and buy something a little bigger (iPod, 400D, new computer etc.) smaller things tend to be the odd book which although it’s the odd book they’re not cheap (programming books, £25+)

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t-shirts from designbyhumans
graphic design books

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Deposits for my month long trip to India at the end of the year.

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That website is too cool!! Thanks for sharing! :)

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i spend a lot of money at nordstrom and target

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gas, music, gas, music, gas again, music again :)

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beer , weed, cigs, rent,

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car note, insurance , gas. 475+125+210= way too much now that I think about it. Jeesh.

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My car

Car parts, maintainence, insurance and currently gas which has been burning a big hole in my pocket.

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I’m curious where you all live. I thought rent/mortgage would be at the top of everyone’s list.

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oh I’m in sugar land Tx, my boyfriend pays for the mortgage.

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@phoenyx Uh. UK, we have no mortgage, the house comes as part as my dad’s job (he’s a minister) so when we sold the old house we paid it all off,

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Clothes and going out with friends.

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Food, rent, debts, my son and stuff on ebay.

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…....oh and shoes of course.

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very expensive clothes, music, the college bill which is huge, the car loan, restaurants, drinks, smokes, usual stuff

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rent, gas, booze, and weed

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I love clothes and electronic gadgets and tools…

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The single item we spend the biggest percentage of our money set aside for spending is – on food!

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