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My parents think I'm on drugs, what do I do?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) June 2nd, 2008

Last weekend my parents went to the lake house and I was left home, while they were gone my mother’s bottle of Lunesta went missing from under her sink. They insist that I’m on drugs and had me take a drug test, they’ve searched everything I have and have taken all of my electronics. I don’t really know how to cope with this because I’m telling the truth and they won’t believe me. One thing that fuels their suspicion(sp?) is that when they called to check up on me I sounded strange, the only reason why was because the first time I was sleeping and the others were because I was on XBOX Live in the middle of a game without the ability to pause it. What are some of your suggestions, oh wise collective?

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How did you get on Fluther?

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tell your parents “mom, dad i can see why you would think that i am on drugs. but let me assure you, that i know better and you need to have faith in me and the principles you have raised me with. let me reiterate that when you called me i was sleeping the first time and too focused on my XBOX the second time. so the only thing i am addicted to is xbox…which, though might hurt my eyes in the long run, has no other negative health effects. If you can’t trust me, how do you expect me to grow?”

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But to answer your question, in those situations there’s nothing you really can do because it’s all in the hands of your parents. They’re the one’s that created the problem and since you can’t persuade them they must figure it out. So all you can do is hope it doesn’t go any further.

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Show them you took it to the collective, hopefully they will see how serious you are in trying to get it across to them. That plus the lab results should do the trick.

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If you are telling the truth then prove them wrong and do the drug test. You can tell them you aren’t all you want and they may or may not believe you. If they insist on you taking a drug test just do it and they will feel horrible for accusing you of something you aren’t doing.

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@NOharmNOfoul, If I were to tell my parents that I talked to a bunch of strangers on the internent (no matter how great this site is and how awesome all you guys are) it would not help my case one little bit; they wouldn’t get it. I agree with babygalll, if you are really telling the truth then the drug test will prove it.

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Sounds like there is a lack of trust in the relationship that would have them assume the worst when the bottle went missing.

I’m curious: have you done drugs? Drank a lot? You don’t need to answer that here, but it’s something to reflect o. And why are you so concerned about your parents’ wrong assumptions? Are you worried about your relationship with them or about getting punished?

On a practical level, I totally love what PnL wrote and my advice is to say something like what she said – in your own words, of course.

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@Wizard: I completely disagree. Something like PnL’s suggestion would work on many parents, especially after a negative drug test. I mean c’mon, how much more proof do they need?

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It’s clear that somehow they’ve already lost some degree of trust in you. Do you know to where or how the bottle of Lunesta went missing? You can point out to them what you’ve already been told, but that won’t earn their trust back completely, because as parents they’re over cautious and sensitive to these things.

The only advice to offer you is to reassure them not only in word but deed as well. You need to make sure that you keep your promises with them, that you show up at home on time, that you keep your grades up to snuff. Going overboard will probably make them wonder if you’re just trying to kiss butt. I would stay the course and hope that they’re capable of seeing the truth about you.

This happened to me when I was a teen, and depending upon the parents it can get better or worse. The most important thing is that you don’t lie to yourself and then to your parents, because if you do you’re heading for a lifetime of problems.

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Tell them you’ll take the drug test but that you exspect them to pay up if you are 100% clean. Maybe $2500.00 will make them respect you a little more.

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If you’ve had a drugs test and it proves negative what’s there to be afraid of? If they still don’t belive you after that you just have to confront them and question why they still distrust you. It’s horrible to be dis-trusted by someone so close :(

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Well thank you everyone, but one thing is that I used to sell drugs and if I’m not taking them and the test is negative then all they would say is “What did you do with them?”. I’m really waiting for delirium(sp?) and Kevbo to unleash their brains upon the situation, so pass the word on if you know they’re on.

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This information would have been helpful had you stated it sooner. It’s a critical piece of information that none of us had when giving our answers. In the future, please be certain to offer the entire situation as it is, not just parts of it. Yes, I asked it pointedly, and you still haven’t said what the status of the bottle of Lunesta is or if you had anything to do with it being missing.

In fact, this “new” and previously omitted information leads me to believe that you’re trying to dodge a bullet. If you did have something to do with it having gone missing, then your parents are justified in their lack of trust.

I have to edit this again, and the way your language is still kind of dodgy, and that you didn’t come clean in the first place with the people on Fluther, why should we believe that you’re coming clean with us now? Haven’t you, in the end, now begun to create a lack of trust with us as well?

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You haven’t told us what actually happened to the bottle of Lunesta.

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Wow, you have a lake house. Sounds like your parents have money, I would be nice to them.

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@luminous, hardly appropriate…even jokingly

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prove them wrong… It will only make their trust for you stronger, or talk to them like really talk to them, sit them down like they would to you and tell them, “it really bothers me that you think I am on drugs, I want to know if that is honestly the type of person that you think I am” just let the conversation grow from there you know? If you are close with your parents they will appreciate your concern for their concern.

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@spendywatson – If my parents had that drastic of a reaction, I’d do drugs just to piss them off.

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that happened to me once. But, I wasn’t on drugs I was high on pot. None of that no more… I’m super clean now.
just prove them wrong. And like upward said, bet on it.

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Turn it around on your parents and make them feel bad for not trusting you. Ask them why they dont believe you and tell them you wouldnt lie to them. Take the test, and then push it in their face.

That or prove them right and come over to the dark side. ^__^

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Well that’s just it, I don’t know were the bottle of Lunesta went and the only other explanation that she can come up with is the guy who was fixing her shower and the hot water heater earlier that day must have took it. Now I’m sure he didn’t and I’m not pointing fingers, but I sure didn’t take it. One of the worst things is that when I lie I can get away with something, but when I tell the truth, no one believes me.

@DeezerQueue, I am a terrible writer, I’m sorry if I left out any information, my skills are in logistics and things you have to solve things for, not so much writing. I also don’t get what you mean by “I’m trying to dodge a bullet”, I think that when I’m telling the truth, I shouldn’t be punished for it. Also I thought I made it clear that the bottle went missing, meaning I don’t know were it is.

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….Lunesta doesn’t even get you high.

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@nikipedia, I know right! Thats exactly what I said and she said something like, well I don’t know what kids are using to get high.

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Thanks for clearing that up. For the longest time I was trying to figure out if “lunesta” was street slang for something else.

I can’t imagine why anyone would use lunesta to get high, or why anyone would suspect that anyone would use it to get high. Maybe if you point that out to your parents they’ll see the light.

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“Call your doctor right away if after taking Lunesta you walk, drive, eat or engage in other activities while asleep.”

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….” My parents think I’m on drugs, what do I do?”


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What’s up with Lunesta my fluther buddies?

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Umm actually people do take things like Lunesta recreationally. Its considered a Zopiclone which has hypnotic like effects. Heres a trip report from erowid. That said, i would never abuse sleeping pills egh stupid kids and their desperate attempts to get high.

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It’s not “considered a Zopiclone”; the chemical name is “eszopiclone”. There’s really nothing remarkably fun about taking it. Believe me.

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Eszopiclones and Zopiclones are pretty much the same thing. And I never said it was fun. I just said people do take it recreationally.

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@luminous…spiteful and immature, my friend. I hope you value yourself more than that. That’s all I’m saying.

@xxpork, sorry to threadjack! You can have it back now. ;)

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