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I need casual dresses for the Fall, but I'm petite (5'2" and slim); how would these dresses work with my height?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9848points) August 21st, 2012


Would hemming be an option? Would it ruin the look of the dress?

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Anyone else?

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@Mama_Cakes : Some of those dresses are very cute and quite reasonably priced. I can see them with a light cardigan for the evening chill very easily.

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I think Modcloth’s dresses would fit you (we’re the same height). Just order a S or XS depending. The medium will be too big.

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Thanks for the site though lol. I’m going shopping! Really cute dresses – all 50’s and ish :)

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My wife is the same height. She doesn’t have a problem purchasing longer dresses because she’ll just tie the bottom up in a knot. It kind of gives off a bohemia or gypsy vibe. Anywho dresses are the best!

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Be careful of the type of hemline if you need to shorten. Those with a border can be tricky depending on how the shortening affects the pattern of the border. The kind with the drapy look up the front would be difficult too. And I hate shortening two layers, one is bad enough. Other than that you just pick out a style that is comfortable and you can move in and you will be beautiful!

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I went ahead and picked out a few.

Thanks for your input!

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