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What does the rest of the world think about upcoming U.S. presidential etections?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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Not a whole heap. It can’t get much worse, right?

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since im from the us i guess i cant answer the direct question, but i think that since the democratic party is getting so much attention McCain has a low chance of winning, but then again, high school government classes show that split party = loss for that side… ya never know

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well, i think it’s good that george “let’s just invade everything” bush is getting kicked out, im not sure who will win the elections though, for all we know, those republicans win again…

and like wildflower says, can’t get much worse right now, let’s just hope a new goverment will release the feeling of tension and fear…

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@iwamoto, you cant blame george bush for everything that has happened, and you say republicans like its a bad thing

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it IS a bad thing, anyway, sure, i’d retaliate for 9/11, but iraq? can’t justify way

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[the following statement contains strong generalisations]
The majority of us Europeans tend to be more sympathetic towards the democrats…..they get a little closer to our overall more liberal views.

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@iwamoto, i dont want to start a flame war here about party affiliation haha

@wildflower, that works for you but too bad it doesnt matter because you live in europe

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All I know is that they’ve been pretty mean to Hilary Clinton, they only ever get bad pictures of her, while all the pictures of Obama are really nice… haha.

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In one word: boooooooooooooooooring ;-)

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I’m glad Bush is out, and I find Barack Obama a very interesting character who seems to have a lot of integrity.

I also find the American democratic system confusing as hell!

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That’s actually a good thing in my opinion….(except for Tex-Mex food and shopping)

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I want to live in Europe. I wont miss tex-mex food and I’m sure shopping there is pretty awesome.

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That typo was one key away from being a lot funnier.

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I try my hardest not to lol :*)

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bush is the devil….....

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As comedey central put it: “Indecision ‘08: Don’t F*ck this Up, America”

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It’s the first US election campaign that has been of any interest and I’m finding it quite riveting ( although, I am getting most of my coverage from ‘The Daily Show’’).

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I’m always amazed at how much people in other countries know about our elections, considering we hardly know anything about theirs. People in other countries also have opinions about who they want to win. My taxi driver in Mexico was for Obama.

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I got a lot of inquiries about the primary campaigns from colleagues in Germany and the UK. Our system seems so convoluted to them.


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Actually, I think that America would have a woman president before an African American. What do you reckon?

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@emily, it’s sometimes kind of embarrassing, i was talking to an american girl, i was talking about who she should vote for, then she said “yeah, you guys don’t get to vote do you?”, BAM that was my jaw hitting the desk, don’t they teach you kids anything in school ?

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@emilyrose – exactly! There’s more coverage of the American elections than of our own… Sort of.

@iwamoto – oh my God, that’s horrific. Like the US has a perfect democracy… (hint: not ;-)

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Was this girl referring to you voting in Holland or in the U.S.? I’m not sure which is more disturbing, that she doesn’t realise other countries have a democratic process – or that she doesn’t realise their president is only president for the U.S.

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no, she was referring to the fact that she thought we didn’t have democracy, or at least the right to vote, even cubans get to vote, right?

@vince, i think american elections are more interesting, the dutch ones always end up with all the old bags voting CDA because they’re christian, and the rest voting some extreme right wing party because foreigners are taking their jobs… i voted “partij voor de dieren”

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@iwamoto – GroenLinks, GroenLinks! Anyway, I’d say our own elections are more interesting because they affect our society and also reflect the general opinion in our society (what the hell is this world coming to with Verdonk and Wilders?)

Plus, what about the massive wins for the SP and, well, the PVV, and the losses for the PvdA? I thought those were interesting.

And when Pim Fortuyn emerged, with Ad Melkert dragging his whole party down and Paul Rosemoller being able to match up to Fortuyn but being exhausted afterwards – wasn’t that interesting?

Oh, but if you’re still more interested in foreign elections, what about the Belgian ones? I thought those were quite interesting with the parties in a gridlock…

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yeah, come to think of it, i think it has more to do with the mud throwing in the states, i guess it’s just that i feel no connection with this society, i feel alienated from it. at least, over here in Tilbirg, i mean, i always feel like some sort of tourist, i feel little to no connection with the people 6 years younger then me, at the same time, i can’t say i feel any connection with the people older than me, maybe it’s just my difference in thought, and the way i live, but i mean, what is there for me to get here? nothing, maybe that’s why im more focussed on the outside

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Ah, you’ve got plans to emigrate?
(I also hardly feel any connection with people 6 years younger, but then again: they’re twelve years old…)

Though now that you mention it, I do feel alienated from most people from the previous generation, say, in their 40’s/50’s.

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well, i have been thinking about it for a year or two now, though im not sure where i would best fit in, maybe i’ll just travel the world in a few years, see where i like it best :)

i think our alienation stems from the digital revolution, but that’s a thought we’d best safe for another discussion ;)

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