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Is the president entitled to stay if there's need for attack/state of emergency just when his/hers term is about to end?

Asked by seVen (3472points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone
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i guess it might depend on urgency and actual time until the term ends

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I really hope not

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According to the U.S. Constitution: no.

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Well he’s been so good at playing by the rules thus far, so surely he won’t!

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According to what?!?! Since when does that piece of paper matter?

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I bet there’s a security protocol that covers the scenario of a nuclear attack during the inauguration ceremony—or other similarly severe situation. When you have a cold war for 50 years, it gives military planners plenty of opportunity to dream up every conceivable possibility—a way to try to deal with it.

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I truly believe an attack is imminent befroe the election. With all the laws passed by Bush and Co., I highly doubt they will be willing to give these powers to the next administration. I think it will turn into civil war. You will have people like me, that believe this will be our govts doing, and ppl that truly believe it is terrorists. The people like me, will most likely be thrown in jail as “homegrown terrorists,” and held indefinitely. With all the wire-tapping going on, they will know exactly who feels as I do. .

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@chris, While the scenario you describe isn’t completely impossible, I think it’s HIGHLY unlikely. I think Bush wants out just as much as everyone else wants him out. You can tell that having to remember all of those polysyllabic words is really taking it’s toll on him. I think he’s looking forward to long days of sitting on the couch watching the price is right marathons.

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I truly hope not.

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It could go either way. @chris, if you feel this way why are you not living in peaceful,
law-abiding Mexico? I’ve certainly considered it.

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I recently started working on a cruise ship so that I am away from the US as much as possible just in case.

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Here is a video worth checking out about Congressman Peter DeFazio asking about continuation of govt. It seems they have something to hide.

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Its almost like they are practicing, getting ready for stuff to happen.

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No. In fact, outgoing presidents generally become lame ducks between the November election and inauguration day, running many policy decisions past the incoming administration.

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