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If there was an official Fluther phone app, what would set it apart from the mobile site version?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) August 21st, 2012

I think one cool thing is we wouldn’t have to use a search engine to access Fluther.
Plus a Fluther icon would look so good on my phone

Founders, Mods, Users, what say you?
What other features could Fluther implement on a smartphone app that a browser might not be able to?

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Founders are busy with their day jobs, remember? Don’t expect any dramatic innovations here any day soon.

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What you see, is what you get. Fixes for broken and no enhancement. Maybe an add-on that was in the pipeline.

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I would love to see a Fluther app!

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I would like it to translate into six different made up languages.

Also, I want it to link to the top ten most viral youtube videos in the last month.

Also, I want it to tell my how to tie half a dozen different kinds of knots. It should be waterproof, as well, and capable of going 300 meters beneath the surface of the water.

Also it should be able to cook. I want lunch. Good lunch. Not just sandwiches or burgers or hoagies, but a decent salad with avocado and mandarin oranges and a really good balsamic vinegar.

Finally, I want it to be able to drive my car. To any destination I want. Without getting into an accident. While playing music I like. Live. With my favorite bands.

SO, ok. How’s that for a fluther app?

Plus it should invest and make me a thousand dollars a day. Like a genie. In a phone.

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@wundayatta is drinking his bath water diluted with bath tub gin… LOL

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Ah @Tropical_Willie, Where’s your sense of adventure, silliness and creativity? Come on. Give it a try. If you could get what you really want from a little app—anything at all—what would you want? A bathtub full of gin? I’m sure you could do better than that. Just let yourself go. Stop putting all those barriers around your mind. Remember, there is no box!

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There already is a Fluther App (for iPhone) which has been there from the beginning. Its probably no longer listed in the App store with goose reason.

It’s chief characteristic is that its even more limited in functionality than the mobile site. For instance, trying to ask a question from the Fluther App results in it disappearing into the ether. Not fun.

I don’t understand what you mean about needing to use a search engine to access Fluther. Just type the site address into the title bar.

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^^^For goose apps, check with @Coloma.

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@wundayatta They ( Android and Apple ) keep changing the app’s available and what is supported. I want to have an adventure but if the powers to be at the phone companies keep changing the rules and requirements – - I don’t want to be in the middle of a sky diving adventure when they CUT the app….. . . . .

There was a iPhone app BUT it got all wonky and buggy.

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The app was always wonky (it wasn’t made by us). The mobile site is much better!

That said, if a new app was made (not likely), I would like it to give me three wishes. Every day.

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@Tropical_Willie I think I better quick refer you to my question several years about about what you might think of if you fell out of a plane and found you had forgotten your parachute. But don’t worry. Someone linked me to an article and it said that people have survived these falls. Now if only I could remember how. Hold on…. I’ll get right back to you…..

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Nothing. Thats why there isn’t one.

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The mobile website works great. If you really want the Fluther icon on your home screen, simply navigate to Fluther’s home (index page), tap the share sheet at the bottom of mobile safari and choose, “Add to Home Screen”. Follow the guide and you’ll see Dr. J appear.

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A connection to a webcam of all the nekked pancake parties.

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Personally, I don’t think there ever have been any, @erichw1504. Pancakecam would be pretty boring, I’m afraid.

Hey. They don’t call me a killjoy fuddy duddy for nuthin’!*

*Note to moderators and flaggers and newbies (welcome!): this misspelling is deliberate. I know how to spell nothing. Please leave this post alone.

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@wundayatta At least you spelled Pancakecam right.

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