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Where can I find sample survey questions?

Asked by sushilovinfun (161points) August 26th, 2012

To All:

I need to create an academic survey concerning political engagement and behavior. My professors are helping me with the survey and will vet it for me, but they recommended that I look at other survey questions in order to create mine. I was wondering if anyone knew of any academic databases of sample questions. My professors thought the University of Michigan might have something, but sadly, I couldn’t find any information on their site. Thanks!

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I still have the questions we used in a survey I did back in college, but it was about sexual preference so it most likely would not help you.

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Check out ICPSR. They are housed at Michigan. They have some 4000 surveys housed there. What you are looking for is the codebooks for the surveys. You don’t actually need the survey data. You will find the codebooks under survey documentation, and of course you will be looking for the questionnaires.

If your university or college is in the consortium, then you can also get the data. But if not, only the codebooks, but that’s all you need.

In addition, you can go to Roper and search their database of questions. I think you can get the questions even without paying for the data.

This is a list of political databases on the internet. It’s not as convenient, but you may see a foundation or organization that is focusing on the issues you are interested in. If that is the case, go to that website and look for the questionnaires they use.

So this is the deep inside information you’re getting. This is what I tell my clients (students like you and professors, mostly) when they ask where they can get survey data. You’re looking for survey questions, but where there’s survey data, there is also survey questions. Enjoy. You’ll find more than you could ever imagine in these sites.

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Thanks to both of you. @wundayatta would you happen to have similar resources for data/survey questions about gamification? It is tangentially related, but I figured I would ask while I had the opportunity.

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I don’t know what gamification is, so I googled it and found that link to a website that claims to provide links to a lot of gamification resources. Perhaps you have already been there, but that’s all I know.

If there are any surveys about gamification, you might find them there. It’s a pretty specific thing, but they do seem to have some links to data about it.

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