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How do you feel about everyday life?

Asked by tups (6719points) August 28th, 2012

The normal week: going to school, work, going home, sleeping, getting up, whatever activities you do.
How do you feel about the normal, everyday life, that has a rhythm?
Do you like going to work or school or does it feel like a chore you just have to do?

Why do you/do you not like everyday life? If no, what do you like as an alternative?

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I love my life at present; I’d like a pair of younger knees, however.

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I feel great about everyday life, only not every day.

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At my age, I’ve already done everything I wanted to do (except one thing), or gave up wanting. I love it when each day is like every other day.

(Gave up wanting to sky dive or underwater diving – still want to travel the country in an RV)

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I don’t have regular routines, so don’t always sleep well enough.If i’m sleeping well, i’m happy out, if not, everything’s a big headache before it’s even started. In general, the day to day stuff is fine. There’s a correlation between my attitude towards tasks and their frequency, going to the fridge is good, re-applying for a passport, not so much.

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I like the regular rhythm of life but I also look forward to the extraordinary from time to time.

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I’m not sure what “everyday Life” is any more which is quite exhilarating at times!

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I really like my daily/weekly routines at the moment. Work is a little boring but on the whole I enjoy it, and I have a busy enough social life to keep me entertained inbetween.

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Neutral or indifferent. It is what it is.

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I’m a big fan. Living the dream I’ve had since I was 17. I certainly find myself wishing there were more hours in the day for both work and social time, but I love the research I’m doing, I get to take classes with world renowned historians, I get to teach, which I really feel is my vocation, and I have a beautiful apartment to return home to in the evening. I’ve also got wonderful friends, and I enjoy the company of some colleagues as well.

I actually like routine a lot, but I am not afraid to just say “screw it” sometimes so as not to miss out on wonderful experiences.

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Well I don’t like to whine but you asked for it. HA!

Due to my work, my everyday life have no rhythm, no routine, no consistency. My work schedule is constantly changing shifts and day’s off. Last pay period I worked 9 days straight in which I worked day, swing, evening and weekend shifts. Every week is different and I even have to do a night shift coming up. To make maters worse since last April the work-load has dramatically increased (with no added personnel) and a faster work-pace is strictly in forced while no mistakes are tolerated. I’ve been working in this field of work for 35 years and I don’t recall ever working this hard at any of the many different organizations that I’ve worked. When all the analyzers and computers are working well and everyone shows up to work, then my job is just very tedious and boring. But if someone doesn’t show up for work and or the computers and or analyzer(s) breaks down then it can be pour pandemonium. The pressure to perform is so great at times that I feel like my head is going to pop.

Pandemonium and chaos. Those two words pretty much sums up what my imbroglio of a job is like. And thus goes my life.

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@gondwanalon: Do you see retirement in the near future?

Spell-check changed “pure” to “pour.” Annoying, isn’t it?

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The best way I can describe this without being too dramatic and emo is as follows; I feel like as if my everyday life is me feeling through the darkness but knowing where I’m going, like when you wake up at three in the morning to go take a leak, but don’t want to turn on the lights.

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Like I should be appreciating it more than I am. I feel like I’m just slugging through most of the time, then I feel guilty because I do have a lot to be grateful for even if I’m not really happy.

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This morning at the bottom of my driveway, 23 wild turkeys – both adults and juveniles- were lallygagging across the dirt road.

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@gailcalled This wild turkey thing is getting out of hand. I live in a residential neighborhood, and they roam in packs. They attack people out for an afternoon walk.

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@gailcalled I think that the main reason for the turmoil is our weak part-time manager who is never around to witness the turmoil when the work-loads are the greatest (usually the early evening hours). She will not or can not justify hiring more personnel or stand-up against upper management.

I have a gut feeling that management would like to see me put in my retirement papers because they could hire two techs fresh out of school for the pay that I’m getting. Thoughts such as this helps to give me power to push-on. If management wants to present a miserable work environment for me in order to get me to leave then I’ll just get tougher. I’ve been practicing Emotional Freedom Technique by Steve Daugherty for stress control. It has been very helpful. Steve is a Life Coach and Stress Healer. Steve is my secret weapon in a hostile world. God bless him!

I would like to retire on my own terms in two years. Until then it is one day at a time.

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My life in the mundane is exactly that. Mundane.

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Scared and optimistic.

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Most days life’s good.

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Somedays Life is chirpy and happy. Other days life is boring and dull.

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Whilst I enjoy my jobs and recognise that I am lucky to have a roof over my head and enough money to buy necessities, I still feel that this can’t be it. There has got to be more. Hopefully I am not destined for the 9 to 5 forever.

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I’m going to phaser the next jelly who says whilst.

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@zensky:Why? That makes you an Anglophobe. The word is common parlance in the UK and the colonies and the former colonies.

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I’d do anything to get phasered by you @zensky ;)

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@zensky Funny, I haven’t really seen that word used very much, but I just thought it was cool.

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Wouldn’t a phaser be a poor weapon of choice for a jellie?

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Alright. Engage.

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@gailcalled I didn’t realise that “whilst” highlighted my Britishness!!!!

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I have been led to understand that it is used primarily by you guys and the members of all your former colonies, federations, dominions, protectorates and fellow travelers.

Here is what one dictionary says:

“whilst |(h)wīlst|
conjunction & relative adverb chiefly Brit.

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Interesting! Sorry @zensky, I am going to continue using it!

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Don’t apologize. Wave that Union Jack proudly.

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@zensky I’m ready. Whilst you phaser me, can you please hum God Save the Queen as well? It’s a delightful old tune :)

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Right now I’m having one of those surreal moments. I’ll be watching a movie or playing a game, doing dishes etc., and I’ll think about how massive the universe is.

I imagine zooming in and out from earth into the abyss, zooming by galaxies and quasars etc. So I zoom back in towards earth, then a city, then me in this little house.

My little body doing these little dishes, my little brain receiving stimuli from this little phone etc. I go on like this for a little bit and then I snap out of it. It’s pretty cool.

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@Blackberry : sounds like you might be on the verge of a mystical experience.
Or you could just play some Katamari.

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Everyday life? I’m in favor of it.

In fact, I feel as if this slow-paced everydayness of my present happily retired life were exactly what I bought and paid for with more than four decades of selling my time and skills for someone else’s profit.

I used to think of quotidian as a pejorative. Now to me it represents something closer to the ideal.

Not that a good shaking up of the norm isn’t a fine and desirable thing every once in a while. A little excitement keeps the blood moving. A change of pace, a change of scene, a change of scope, a change of mental stimulation—all beneficial. Sometimes that means a major disruption of routine such as my recent ten-state road trip; sometimes it just means having French-cut green beans for supper instead of the regular kind.

Makes coming back to the ordinary all that much greater a pleasure.

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