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(How) Can I use a second-hand hair trimmer?

Asked by Vincentt (8021points) August 30th, 2012

I’ve got this second-hand hair trimmer to trim my beard. However, I believe it was recommended not to use someone else’s shaving equipment for reasons of hygiene. Is that the case? If so, how do I clean it so I can safely use it?

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I’d think if you wiped down the blades with some rubbing alcohol, lysol or a little bleach water it should be fine. Germs and bacteria do not live long on most surfaces. I wouldn’t be too concerned, just give it a quickie wipe down with a little disinfectant and you should be fine.

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What she said. The barber reuses his equipment all the time as do the ladies who cut hair. They do not use new, sterile scissors as the surgeons do.

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@gailcalled: Can you imagine the overhead if they did?

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It might be almost as expensive as visiting your doctor.

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A Wahl haircutting set, brand new, with more of the combs than I would ever use, cost me $24 at Costco last year. Why mess with a used clipper?

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Mostly for the fun of it :P My girlfriend got this at the used products store (sorry, I can’t recall the English term) mainly for the lovely old picture on it, but I figured I might as well try it for the charm.

Thanks for the tips, I had the courage to try it now. Unfortunately, the thing did not work that well, so I’ll still have to go out and buy a new one. But hey, at least I got the retro box!

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