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How do you erase contacts in Gmail?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I have people on my contact list that I will never talk with again. How do I erase there contact info?

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To permanently delete a contact:

Select the contact in the Contacts list.
Click Delete Contact at the top of the page.
Click OK.


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it’s under here
if you can’t figure the rest, you shouldn’t be using gmail ;)

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top right of the page in case you don’t see it

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if you want to delete all your contacts, not that you do by the sounds of things, you have to click on the older version link in the top right, it will then let you delete them all at once.

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uhm, no, it will just not show them, otherwise, wouldn’t you get a warning “hey, switching will delete all contacts” ugh, please think before you post, and i can’t believe someone gave it a great answer…

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@iwamoto: I am sorry if you miss understood my post, but I would have thought for someone with as much experience on this site as you that you wouldn’t be so quick to be so rude.

As I explained in my post if you switch to the old version of gmail you can then delete all contacts, as it removes the 20 at a time limit. Do you have gmail or even a google search, or do you just like being rude to people? I answer questions to help people not to be rude to them and i thought that that was the point of the site, and I am sure that most people here will agree with me.

To clear up your misunderstanding of my orriginal post. If you are logged into gmail and click on older version it will take you back to the inbox of your account but will be an older version. From there you can go into your contacts and select them all. You can then opt to delete them and gmail will not stop you and limit you like it does in the new version.

I hope that you now understand what I was saying and that you no longer feel the need to be rude to me.

No hard feelings, sometimes people are just to quick to judge, we all do it.

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ah, seems like some miscommunication, i thought you where just talking about just the switch, no hard feelings?

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