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Who do you think will make a good running mate for Obama?

Asked by jlm11f (12398points) June 3rd, 2008

Now that he has the required # of delegates for a nomination, a VP candidate is not far. I kind of like the idea of Bill Richardson (will help with the hispanic vote for one thing) as the running mate, but there are of course many qualified candidates.

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At this point he needs someone who is moderate, older, more experienced, and doesn’t make salt of the earth type voters see black power (for better or worse)—someone who he isn’t. He is limped to the finish and he’s going to have to recapture some of his messiah image to be assured of winning. If there are any good democrat governors that fit this bill available that might be his best bet.

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John Edwards. That is who I would like to see. It would be risky but I think that it might work.

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John Edwards would be better than Richardson in my opinion. I really don’t think Richardson was a good candidate at all, at least when I was watching him in the debates. He just said what he knew people wanted to hear, and no one bought it. He’s not a bad guy, I just don’t think he is genuine. Edwards would be a good running mate, I think.

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reverend al sharpton.

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what about General Clark?

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Obama is often criticized for being young and inexperienced, so someone older and experienced to balance it out perhaps?

Joe Biden comes to mind, which might be interesting because of his experience from the judiciary and foreign relations committees. However, he’s often said that he’s not interested in being vice president.

Chris Dodd is also experienced, and he is on the banking committee and also the foreign relations committee. He has also said he’s not interested in being vice president.

General Clark has obvious military and security experience, but he’s been a Clinton supporter and may not jive with Obama’s campaign.

So, after careful consideration, I’m going to have to say that the pope would make a great running mate for Obama.

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I saw an interview with General Clark on one of the news channels. He was asked about what he would do if Obama offered him VP. He said that he would think it a bad decision and would tell Obama that he should look elsewhere.

What do you people think about Gov. Kathleen (i forget her last name) as a potential?

PS – with Obama’s luck with past religious ministers, is the Pope really a safe option :) ?

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Age ✓
Experience ✓
Foreign relations ✓
Counters the “Obama is a muslim” falderal ✓
Has experience running a small country (Vatican) ✓
Appeals to the Hispanic demographic ✓
May lose some left-leaning folks, but will likely pick up a lot more independents and right-leaning folks ✓
Can’t run negative campaigns against him ✓
Difficult to debate ✓
Doesn’t say stupid stuff to the media ✓

The fact that he’s not a US citizen may be a problem though.

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I love all the talk about experience. Im not an Obama fan, but look at where “experience” has gotten us. It seems the more experience someone has, the more they contribute to the system that got them there.

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well said, chris, well said.

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I think Bill Richardson or Joe Biden would be good choices – older, experienced and both have foreign affairs knowledge. I really like John Edwards but don’t think he wants it and not sure he would bring enough government/diplomatic expeirence to the table.

Maybe Bill Clinton wants the job? :)

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We all know Bill Clinton wants the job lol, if Obama wants to end his campaign in a definitive way, Clinton is the man for the job.

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O’ve been eharing Jim Webb mentioned a lot and he could be good – Southern, a vet and anti-war. Don’t know how deep his governement experience is.

I definitely don’t think he should cave in and choose Hillary Clinton.

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Whomever you choose to be the next President of the US. I feel he Obama will not be able to fufill his term if elected.

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