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Do undecided voters watch conventions anymore?

Asked by Judi (39865points) September 5th, 2012 from iPhone

I know who I’m voting for and didn’t watch the opposing convention. Do undecided voters watch both conventions and use what they see to inform their vote?
Do they just watch news coverage and snippets of the conventions?
Is there really such a thing as an undecided voter in this polarized climate?

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Probably not. But the conventions are probably more targeting their respective bases, energizing them, making sure that people who would totally vote for (Obama/Romney) actually register to vote and actually go vote for (Obama/Romney).

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This one does not.

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@rojo, where do you get the information you use to make your decision? Have you made a decision in this election? If not, what are you hoping to hear that you haven’t heard from either candidate?

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Not at the pep rallies that is for sure.

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Highly doubtful, I don’t watch any rallies and I know who I am voting for. When I make a decision of a canidate I look at everything they stand for and vote with the lesser of the two evils. In this and the last case it is not for Obama because though he is now our president he doesn’t stand for anything.

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If you missed one of the conventions, here’s what happened: “I’m so great, yada yada….these people love me….isn’t my family pretty….America is great…..blah blah blah…look at all the people I have helped, watch them kiss my ass because I’m fucking awesome…we can change/help/hope/work/aspire for a better tomorrow….I can read what my team of speech writers have written from a TelePrompTer so well…..yadda, blah, blah….balloons, crazy looking people, confetti, applause….look at my awesome family one more time! VOTE FOR ME!” and that’s pretty much everything.

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It all seems like political masturbation to me.

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I know who I’m voting for and I still don’t watch the conventions. It’s just a bunch of back slapping and saying how great they are and how misguided the other guy is all while trotting out high-profile supporters meant to impress the peasants and shame/cajole the wealthy into giving/doing more. I imagine it serves to “inspire” existing supporters to get out and vote and do some grass roots stuff to get their neighbors/friends/relatives to vote the same way and at the same time serve as a nationally covered fund-raising-fest, not unrelated to a telethon. Well, I’m already going to vote, I’m not going door to door or hosting rallies, and I’m not sending in money, so that pretty much leaves me out of it. Oh well.

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I found watching the Democratic convention to be kind of useful. I’ve learned how they plan to frame the issues, and I’ve picked up on their talking points. In addition, I’ve learned a thing or two about the issues.

I would suggest that the Democrats, at least, are sticking to a policy of being honest, and of explaining the issues in their full complexity. Bill Clinton took great care to explain things, and frankly, I have never seen another politician try to do that before. I would check out the video on Youtube if you can. It’s very informative.

It’s actually been worth my time, and I plan to watch tonight (the final night), as well. Normally, I skip the conventions, but now I’m glad I’ve been watching. In fact, everyone in the family has been paying attention, via radio or internet or TV. I’ve been watching the live feed with no commentary, so I get to make my own opinions.

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For those of you who’d like to read what Clinton said at the DNC, here’s a link to the transcript.

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In this highly polarized a political environment, those who are currently undecided are so because they are information poor when it comes to the governance of their nation. Their votes will probably be bought by the highest bidder who runs the most vicious attack adds in an attempt to grab control of the wheels of power and turn them toward self enrichment. Our GOP appointees on the Supreme Court have seen to that. I hope I am wrong, but I have a very bad feeling about where the Citizens United decision may lead.

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I am undecided.
It is not because I am information poor. It is a heart vs brain or concience vs self interest quandary.
It is because I have to make a decision as to whether to vote FOR someone who more closely holds the same beliefs I do in terms of governance but who does not have a chance of winning in this election or do I vote AGAINST someone with whom I vehemently disagree politically by voting FOR his opponent who can win.
I do not believe I am the only one who struggles with this.

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@rojo You have no idea which candidate will win. Vote for the one you personally believe SHOULD win.

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