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How often do you hear "among republicans" in news about Trump's lead?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 23rd, 2015

When people hear/see “Trump is leading in the polls by far….” in the headlines, do they hear the key parts of the report “GOP” or “among the republicans” part? Some reports fail from adding that key part in the title of the article.

Do some people say/decide to vote for him thinking that it’s among all the candidates that he’s leading?
Is it possible that most people who are not into poitics and even some who are miss that part, andf that’s why the dismay that America is actually considering to vote for what some call a “hateful, ... bully”

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This is not to say, if the lead is among the republicans, it’s okay, because even if it’s among republicans…..

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I don’t understand your question completely. Polls are usually clarified. Right now there are polls of likely Republican voters, or registered Republicans, of likely voters, of Fox News watchers, CNN polls, etc. Each poll has it’s own meaning and significance. Do some people not pay attention to who is being polled? Sure.

If you are asking about if Trump will win the whole shebang and be President? Well, right now the main focus in the news has been who will win the primary.

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I am the last person to overestimate the intelligence of the American electorate, but I think almost everybody understands that Trump is running to be the Republican candidate, not to be President.

I think. I would not put money on it.

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@jaytkay Acording to some people, yes he is running to be the republican candidate but he also happens to be ahead of Hilary and the rest of them, I heard someone expressing relief that the latter part wasn’t the case, and they pointed the article from Huff Post that I posted in my OP.

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