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How often do you change your sheets?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) June 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

Honestly! Do you go a couple of weeks, or no? My wife and I go one week!

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Depends on sexual activity

Not very often.

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never. someone eventually does it for me.

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Maybe once a year, depending on what happens. If I spill something on my bed I’ll change the sheets immediately, although I can easily go a year without changing my sheets for any circumstance.

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i thought i was gross.

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Well… Who gets the wet spot?

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Leave it.

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i dont wanna sleep in a wet spot.

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Do it on her side. And don’t change the sheet.

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I have always preferred to change them everyday, at most every other day, but my husband thinks it is a bit much, so I am working on once a week. But I still prefer daily.

I do not have a compulsion, but you know you don’t wear you underwear more than one day…

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@robmandu, so how many are living in my bed if I haven’t changed my bed sheets for exactly 13 months?

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every Sunday, its part of the cleaning schedule I have.

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Weekly, every Sunday. Clean, fresh sheets = mmmmmmm

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@Wiz, no idea… I’ve heard anecdotally that the average mattress can double in weight due to the buildup of dead dustmites, sloughed-off skin cells, dust, and other detritus.


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same as buster. never, but every two months or so i’ll come home and find clean sheets on the bed.

I don’t really like new sheets. It takes a night or two to break them in.

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oh hell no, I’m not about to sleep on a wet spot, haha

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EVERY Sunday. and I throw the blankets and pillows in the dryer for 30 minutes on high to kill the dust mites, about once a month.

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It’s not like dust mites are death-threatening. I happen to live with them, thank you very much.

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Every week. I had a friend in college who’s dorm mate didn’t change the sheets all year. Once word got around people would start to pour beer (and worse) on the end of his bed…........he still didn’t change them.


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dust mites are deadly if you are allergic to them, their crap, and you have asthma.

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Im also like buster. I never change my sheets by my own doing it just kind of happens. I usually not really a fan of this because its a pain in the ass to put them back on and my bed doesnt really get dirty.

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We used to change them very seldom, maybe once a month or five weeks, because
we liked the way each other smelled. Now I’m alone and I change them more often,
because they don’t smell right any more.

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Weekly to bi-weekly.

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It’s going on….2 months? =X

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once a month about…I shower at night just before bed. If one showered in the morning I would expect them to clean the sheets much more often.

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About every 2 weeks

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Every Tuesday night.

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Every Sunday

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I sleep on a made bed. so hardly ever… the comforter might actually get washed more than the sheets

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ok, gross, we have spores on us, no matter how clean we are, and we “shed” microscopic bits of skin, AGAIN no matter how clean and healthy we are….EEEEWWWWW… I change my sheets 2 x a week, and if I am sick I change them every nite until I am over my flu or cold.

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What do you people do if you make love more than once a week? Do you still only change them once a week?

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@sarapnsc nah fuck it :)

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It depends on how enjoyable it was…..

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for some reason i’ve accumulated like 15 sets of sheets recently (i’m blaming those sales at ross and my aunt’s obsessive shopping habits) but i don’t really change them very often. if i happen to crash after i haven’t showered in awhile and feel gross, i’ll change my sheets and shower and whatnot, but if i’ve gone to bed clean and showered every night, i don’t really feel the need to.

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If I make love, I don’t bother changing the sheets. If on the other hand myself and another person fuck, the sheets get changed.

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