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Have you ever had to give up doing something you love, for something quite silly?

Asked by MilkyWay (13740points) September 7th, 2012

I have had to give up the one thing I love doing most. Eating. (Properly)
I’ve had my braces fit in (dental braces) and now, I can’t eat most foods for at least 3 months, and have to stay away from some of my most favourite food for the coming 2 years.
Chocolate, fizzy drinks, biscuits, burgers, grilled sandwiches, pasties, chewing gum, nothing. I’ve been eating things like noodles and stew for the past week or so.
I’m the kind of person who lives lived to eat… all for something as trivial as a set of straight teeth.
I’m not saying I want to back out, but I guess I’m just asking whether you sacrificed something that meant an awful lot to you, for something that seems (or seemed at the time) quite trivial.

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My daughter for my partner.

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Straightening your teeth is NOT frivolous. You’ll be happy you did it and will not have the problems with your teeth you might otherwise have had. You might find yourself wondering how you would have looked if you hadn’t straightened them, but that’s what you_ really_ lose. 3 months of total deprivation isn’t really that hard to do. And it’s a temporary situation.
I had to give up dancing because I began losing my balance. Not a silly reason, but a very disappointing situation.

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I gave up making needlework gifts for fluthering.

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Funny, I was just thinking about something similar a few moments ago…
I’m in the process of possibly having to give up my job, which took me so long to find and which I’ve come to love a lot. I’ve only been there a little over a month but, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I may have to give it up and go back home tomorrow or Sunday. Essentially, I’m giving up the job for the lack of a place to stay. I don’t know if that’s trivial in the true sense of the word, but it is quite sucky for sure…sigh

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I sacrificed, nearly irrecoverably, my best friend for pride. She means the world to me, looking back I can’t fathom how I was so thickheaded. It did serve as one hell of a life lesson though.

Sure it’ll be rough now but I think you’ll find straight teeth a boon later on. If for nothing else they’ll help ensure you’re able to continue to enjoy the food you love pain free (and possibly save you a bundle in future dental bills to boot). Noodles huh, learn to make ramen, the real stuff, from scratch, not the junk in the packs. Three months will zip by and you may just find a new favorite food.

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I had to give up mtn biking mainly because of Osama Binladen. After 911 the base closed off entry to everyone, and really unless you are hardcore and willing to travel owning a mountain bike was like a white elephant.

Fuck Binladen I wish it was me who splashed him.

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Braces are not trivial. I am very thankful I had braces when I was young.

I don’t understand why you can’t eat burgers, biscuits, grilled cheese, and some of the other things you mentioned.

As far as giving up something myself, I gave up dairy for years when I was having a lactose intolerance problem. It wasn’t trivial really, but it was annoying. I have given up taking ballet because the city I moved to several years ago charges a fortune for classes. I take zumba instead, but it isn’t the same. I wish I could do both actually. Some might view the reluctance to spend the money as trivial I think. I moved from Florida, my favorite place to live, to follow my husband’s career. That also isn’t really a trivial thing, and I don’t regret it, but if I were single I would be living in a different place. Most things are trade offs and not frivilous or trivial I think.

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When I was young, I had to give up sucking my thumb because it annoyed an older sister. Years later, I found out that if I had given it up sooner, I wouldn’t have needed braces. :)

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This is tough really. I love watching good vampire films but I gave it up when I went to watch all three Twilight movies. I doze off during those angsty teen moments and wakes up during cool vampire scenes. I think it was the second movie where I only enjoyed one scene which lasted for less than a minute. When Edward killed Ron Howard’s daughter. Awesome.

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When I had braces the dentist also told me not to eat all that stuff, but I did it anyway and nothing happened.

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I gave up eating completely (IV nutrition) to keep my colon. It sure didn’t seem silly then, but it does now. Fighting so hard for an organ that didn’t love me at all. Should have just gotten it out earlier.

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I gave up reading for a while simply because all the books in the shops were either about the supernatural, sex, or supernatural sex, which just didn’t really seem to be like my type of book. Then one day I realised, “Actually, I have a whole bookshelf full of books. I could just read my old books again!”

Oh, and about braces, I have them. I don’t know what your teeth are like but mine were only a bit crooked, and after about 3 months I couldn’t stand it anymore. I drink about three Diet Cokes every week. I don’t really like chewing gum anyway but I still chew it if I’m in the mood. I eat sweets. Obviously I waited a while but trust me, after a few months, when you find you literally cannot stand it anymore, just go for it and eat whatever the hell you want (toffee aside, that’s unbearable). Brush thoroughly and you should have no problems. My orthadontist is very pleased with my progress.

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