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What fun things are at the mall besides shopping, ice skating and food?

Asked by sydneymatilda (81points) September 7th, 2012

Birthday party. What can I do at the mall besides shopping, ice skating, movies and eating. Thank you.

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Do you have Laser Tag ? It’s great fun for a group.

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Treasure Hunt with kids collecting signatures or Business cards for finding particular items. If you can get the cooperation of a store owner or two, you could leave small goody bags for the kids who ask for a special item. Or there could be a check list where they answer questions like “What color is the clown’s bow tie in the window of Adam’s Toy store? “This would work for 10–12 year olds, probably not lower aged kids.

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Looking to see people fall into a fountain while texting.

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Whoa, wait… you have ice skating at your mall?!


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Power walking during off hours.

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I thought you were having your party at a hotel, as of two weeks ago?

Have you thought of using a venue that is less oriented towards consumerism?

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Are you asking for a birthday party? If you are a girl you can have a small group of friends get their hair and nails done and then go to eat lunch together.

@cprevite My mall had an ice skating rink when I was growing up. They closed it up several years ago though. I don’t remember what took its place.

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The Mall of America has an amusement park right in the middle. And an indoor water park next door.

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Have you checked the website for your local mall to find out what activities they have to offer? If it’s a small mall without any additional facilities, you might want to look elsewhere in your town for something different.

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i have to many friends to bring to a hotel. My mom says theirs no point if i can’t invite all of them. @gailcalled

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Is there a bowling alley near you? Bowling parties are fun.

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