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How old for your first gray hair?

Asked by robmandu (21321points) June 3rd, 2008

Looking for youngest with gray and oldest before first gray. And where it popped up.

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29 years old, right temple area.

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Probably age 35 or so. I’m 43 now and maybe 50% grey, 50% dishwater.

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I was 8. It was Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncles. I’m 22 now and I have a good amount of it. I have dark brown with silver throughout. My mom has been completely gray ever since I can remember. My grandfather was completely white by 40. It seems to run in the family.

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Around 40.

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16-family greys early, but fortunately no baldness!

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I think I was 29.. I first found a white eyebrow hair and then a white hair on my right temple area. I’m 31 now and they’re slowly beginning to take over.

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I’ve had a single gray hair for as long as I can remember. I didn’t get my first haircut until I was 7 years old, and I had a long gray hair close to the center of my head.

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I’m not going to win any contests on this one. I started noticing gray in my facial hair at 35. Not on the top of my head yet, but it would not bother me at all if it started coming in.

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Are you sitting down? My daughter had a LONG GRAY HAIR growing from the middle of her crown when she was SIX. I cried because I thought I had done it to her.

I started getting gray at 14, right in the middle of my part, which I liked to part on the side. I’m 39, my the gray is everywhere, and my eyebrows are completely white.

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Forty two, and seven years later I only have about 20 of them.

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32, lone hair near center part

now almost 37 and have lots coming in both temples

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Grays, what grays??
don’t tell anyone, but I have spotted one or two by the right side of my forehead, just where I part my hair and first time I spotted it I believe I was 28, but so far noone else has seen it, so don’t tell!!

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Zero. I qualify as a senior at our local movie theatre and a few restaurants. My mom had only a handful when she died, a few days shy of 90. She got those well into her 80’s.

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12. I was in Junior High. That, and the chest hair always made me the most likely candidate to try to buy beer in High School. Now I’m mostly gray on the sides with the most beautiful salt and pepper on top. Still thick, G-d willing.

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I was about seventeen and they started on my left side.

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I was 12. Left side of the head – not increasing at an alarming rate though – I’m 27 now and the number of whites has increased by about 20 percent. Its a white clump and everytime I notice it, I have the urge to color it pink!

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44. I have 2 or 3 on each side, just over my ears.

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early 20’s

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