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Why do you think that Fox and the Republican's made Obama's birth certificate an issue when they could have used this instead?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (8998points) September 10th, 2012

Back in 2006, Fox News aired a segment on electronic voting machines.
That video can be viewed here.
HBO also aired a documentary called Hacking Democracy, on the same subject.

Why would the Republicans target an issue which is so hard to prove/disprove, like the birther theory, when they could have easily targeted the voting machines instead?

Also, 6 years later, why is this no longer an issue brought up by the media?

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I suspect they see no political gain (yet) in bucking the vote counting system. It’s much easier to get returns by politicizing things like voter ID. Plus, when something is difficult or impossible to prove/disprove it makes it easier to plant seeds of doubt and skepticism. You don’t have to get everyone to agree with you, just get them to sufficiently doubt your opponent or at least cast a little personally negative light on them.

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1. Because both sides could be easily accused of hacking.
2. Because Republicans are closer to voting machine manufacturers, and this more likely to avail themselves of interference with the count.

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I think it is interesting. Fox News aired a segment in 2006 (off year election). Air America Radio was talking about Diebold Voting Machines in 2000. I think Fox News is more interested in planting seeds of doubt and skepticism (thanks @wonderingwhy) bycreating the false dichotomy between “makers” and “takers”.

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Because Deibold, that’s why.
Also, that is an issue that would be far too complex for your average FN viewer, easy to go with the easily digestible cheapshot about the kenyan muslim negro bit.

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The false birther claim played into racism, hatred of otherness, connecting Obama with not being a true Christian, hatred of intermarriage, immigrant hate. Gosh, it hit just about every divisive note the new GOP uses to divide Americans against Americans and get working class people to vote to be robbed by billionaires. You hear it in every Romney speech. President Obama just doesn’t understand what it is to be American—as if Romney was truly in touch with your average working-class guy.

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People accused the Republicans of screwing around with the voting during Bush, so probably better not to bring up that can of worms. The Republicans don’t need to prove anything about the birth certificate. The basic theme with Obama lunatic haters (as opposed to people who simply don’t agree with his policies) is he is Muslim, not American, antiIsrael, liberal, anti American being a Christian Nation, and some throw in black. The birth certificate kind of fits into that line they have going there.

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Didn’t you hear? Fox is in the Democratic camp, now.~

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