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What should we believe about Romney's views on healthcare?

Asked by Mariah (25876points) September 10th, 2012

Romney stated long ago that the first thing he will do if elected is work to repeal “Obamacare.”

Recently on Meet the Press he said that he actually agrees with several parts of Obama’s health care reform, such as removing discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on their parents’ plans for longer.

Later a Romney aide came out and said that Romney’s position on health care has not changed.

Here’s an article detailing this whole mess.

What are we to believe? And what do you think about this turn of events?

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If you read that article, then it sounds like he is saying his reform would be to reinstate the system that existed before Obamacare. Only, because it is a change, he is marketing it as a reform.

What is Romney up to? Desperation is what I think he is up to. I think they are finding that Obamacare is actually more popular than they thought it was. So he is dancing a delicate dance where he is saying he has his own plan, and that he will keep some things that are like those in the ACA, only they are really his things from MassCare, except not MassCare because he had a change of heart on that, but he really does understand that the prexisting condition exclusion is popular but he can’t do that except in his own way.

He knows he didn’t get much of a convention bounce and Obama did. He’s behind in fundraising, and he is beginning to look like a loser. The rats are beginning to abandon the ship.

What should we believe? Romney is desperate and will say anything and do nothing. Because that’s what he stands for.

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Romney came close to saying that people that cannot get insurance because a pre-existing condition, don’t deserve insurance. It is just a game to him. He may be a warm, loving father, but he is just a sociopath as far as the rest of us are concerned. The irony is that he is running against his own health care plan and none of his republican supports admit this.

I hate what Obama is doing with drones and the drug war but he still beats Romney by a long shot.

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How quickly people forget that Romney care was the model for Obama care. Romney is intimately familiar with state supported healthcare but what work in MA may not work in New Mexico. Healthcare should not be a Federally mandated entitlement and that is the task at had Romney is trying to key in on. Take the parts that are good for the people who not oly want it but need it and get rid of the rest and let the states continue to control healthcare that best fits their constituents. Obamacare should have never happened. Huge waste of time and effort.

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I absolutely believe Romney will do whatever it takes to get elected, in a very different way than I perceive that in other candidates. Romney lacks the moral core that other candidates have, where they have a belief system and they will occasionally do something that violates their belief system in order to reach compromise or for the greater good, and wrestle with their conscience.

Romney wants to be president. Policy positions are a means to an end, and he will accept or reject policy in order to be president with only the consideration of the advantages or disadvantages on his chances to be president as his guiding star. He is very close to being a sociopath. I say that in a non-judgmental way. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He doesn’t want to help anyone. He wants to be president. And he will do or say anything that seems advantages in any given moment to achieve that.

He has no views on healthcare. It is a means to an end.

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@Cruiser What alternate reality are you talking about? This plan is for insurance. It has nothing to do with state support for health care. That is a separate issue, and already states get to decide how to spend Medicaid dollars, to some degree. Any changes to Medicaid will simply make more people eligible for the program, thus giving states more money to play with.

I don’t believe that health care is all that different from state to state, but perhaps you can show how Medicaid does a better job by allowing states to decide to cover fewer people for fewer benefits. It’s counterintuitive if it is as you say.

Did you always hold these reactionary political views? I don’t recall you being like this before. Has something changed in your political thinking?

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As long as Ryan’s dick is way up inside his ass he’ll toss any kind of red meat at the tea-party. He’s lost hope in the rest of the electorate.

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What a hypocritical toad. He’s saying this shit when he wants your votes? Just imagine what he’ll do in office. Masscare isn’t much different than what he want’s to appeal. How fucking stupid does the Republican Party (Not all Repubs, Chocolate. I learned my lesson) think we are?

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If I were Romney I’d be concerned that the right would set up an assassin so Ryan would be in charge. Thats if he were to win. As well as getting rid of a Mormon to boot.

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@wundayatta It does vary state to state and greatly for that matter just as the health care members of Congress’s health care compared to mine does. Romney care was the model for Obama care the big dif is who will pay for it. Our Government is already broke so to even posit the notion of taking on such a monstrous expense is nutz. Disaasemble Obama care and take what we need, and put the rest on the curb for private health care and other entities to provide support where needed!

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Romney said on Meet the Press that he will keep the good parts of Obamacare, like no lifetime caps and no exclusions for preexisting conditions. Of course, he knows that’s impossible. He explained why it was when he was justifying individual mandates in his Massachusetts plan. But within 12 hours of his Meet the Press appearance, his Con Man base had gotten to him, and he now says he never said what’s on the video tape of him talking on Meet the Press. What does he really believe? Apparently nothing but:
1—want power, all of it;
2—I want money, all of it;
3—The omniscient God of Abraham got it wrong, so he sent Jesus, who was also the omniscient God but also got it wrong, so God sent Joseph Smith, a former convicted con man, who finally got it right.

In short, Romney’s critical thinking abilities are largely lacking. He can’t even tell when he’s directly contradicting what he said just minutes ago.

Anything Mitt Romeny says is just what he thinks his current audience wants to hear in order to give him all the power and money.

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@ETpro could you provide the time/place Joseph Smith was convicted of being a con man? My google skills aren’t turning up anything.

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To answer your question, I think you should go with what you already seem to believe to be true. He will sell you snake oil and claim that it will cure 1000 illness. Whatever you tell him you are suffering from will be cured if you drink the snake oil. Funny how grown people believe everything a grown man says and then takes it back and changes it again, but if a toddler were to do that he would be punished for lying.
He should be grounded and sent back to his mansion and not come out till after elections.

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@phaedryx You may have relatively limited Googling skills, then. Searching joseph smith con man on Google turns up 2,490,000 results. Take your pick.

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okay… lots of people think he was a con man. But when/where was he convicted of such?

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@phaedryx There is some discussion of his arrests for assorted scam artistry charges in these pages from and the BYU Law Blog.

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@Cruiser, you said, “Romney is intimately familiar with state supported healthcare but what work in MA may not work in New Mexico.”

Can you please explain why you think this is the case?

For example, what is it about MA healthcare that makes it okay to ban insurance discrimination against pre-existing conditions, but not in NM?

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