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If starting a business could be streamlined through interactive software, would you use it?

Asked by JustinHubbard_ (23points) September 11th, 2012

Starting a business is frustrating for a lot of people, so if you could start a business in a streamlined and interactive way which has a rewards system for each completed step to keep you motivated, would you use it?

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What would this software do? Create a business plan? Help me do a budget? Check my budget? Help me get financing? Develop a product? What?

What would the software streamline? Would it turn every new business into a turnkey business?

Show me the money, son. If there were software that made starting a business that easy, you bet I’d use it. But you’re going to have to do some pretty fancy dancing to get me to believe the software is flexible enough to handle my business. Mine is unique, you know.

And so is everyone else’s.

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Sure, it’s a really good idea. That is…if I’m imagining the software as it functions in my ideal world. This is the type of tool that doesn’t take much marketing before you’re tapped into channels that will help boost the brand and the product to the stratosphere.

The reason: Our economy needs more new businesses, more jobs and more motivation. If you’ve got a tool that makes that process easier and more approachable for more people, and it really works, that’ll become a pretty popular thing. Just remember, those entrepreneurial users would be just as careful with their cash as you are starting your own business.

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I can envision software that would help certain aspects of starting a business: creating a Web site, starting a PayPal account, creating schedules, keeping track of customers and orders and doing the bookkeeping. I do not see the need for an interactive rewards system. If someone is interested in starting a business, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I have been procrastinating about starting an online tutoring business. Such software as I mentioned would be a big incentive to get moving.

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@LostInParadise The rewards program is because after surveying business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, one of the biggest problems I found was motivation during the very early stages.

Your insight is very helpful and have already been considered as part of the program.

What if you had access to live business advisers available for video chat with a paid account, would that help?

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I can see how that could be useful, but my plan is to start off very small, just me and my computer, working part-time.,

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@LostInParadise This would work for sole proprietors also. Actually it’s designed for people like you who want to start small and don’t have a team.

Of course it’s scalable for larger startup projects as well.

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