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What does my dream mean?

Asked by mmartinez451 (5points) September 12th, 2012

I keep having dreams about a person I had a crush on for years. Each dream is a little different. In one, I go back to my old town and bump into my crush, and a few other people from high school, at a bar. When he see’s me he picks me up and gives me a grand hug and the kisses me and then I wake up. In another dream, we are talking in a hall way, and he tells me he had a big crush on me in high school and regrets that he never had the courage to express his feelings. We get interrupted and he walks away. I run after him and tell him I felt the same way, then I wake up.
I have had similar dreams for weeks. What do they mean?

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Do you think it could mean exactly what you said? That you used to like him? And you wanted him to like you back? Since literally that is all the dream consists of? You know you dream about fragments of things that are on your mind, now or in the past. It means nothing.

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It means there is a part of your personality that is reasserting itself and you are glad to see it back. Perhaps it is a part that has more courage than you have been exhibiting most of the time. But it seems like an old confidence is back inside you. Now you should use it to get something done you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

But not getting back in touch with the old flame. He has nothing to do with this. This is about you and your life now, and pushing forward on things you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

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Have you recently saw anyone from high school that could have brought back your memories of your crush. I know if I see someone from my past it will bring up memories of that past time when they were in my life even if it isn’t that person whom the memories are about. It just brought back that time in life so all the memories from that time will come flooding back.

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It means he is thinking of you and wants you to contact him. not.
It means he was part of your life and now he’s not, but your brain holds a lot of information and your unconscious may dredge up things any old time. If you enjoyed the dream, that’s the most you can get out of it as far as meaning goes.

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Dreams in an of themselves do not mean anything. Dreams are chemical reactions in the brain that occur when we are asleep. But being human, our dreams involve seeing, hearing or sensing things that we experience in our waking lives and because of how the dream process works, there are often similar themes that most humans, at least the ones in our own society, have in common like having a sense of falling then waking up at the last minute, or being back in grade school, or being naked in front of a crowd.

In your case, you probably still have feelings for this person, so that’s why you keep thinking about him/her. Stress and spicy foods tend to bring on more intense or vivid dreams, especially if you eat close to bed time.

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In dream interpretation, outward displays of affection symbolizes death.

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