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What is a girl's most emotionally important moment in life?

Asked by abaraxadac (329points) February 17th, 2011

Specifically in the realm of relationships, whether with a girl or boy depending on preference, what is the most important moment in a girl’s life? No matter how old she is, what point in time has the absolute most impact on her psyche, that she has built up towards? That almost every girl would dream of, or for?
I googled it, and the images section would imply marriage. The romance idea would support the first kiss, or maybe every single kiss she has with a man she truly loves. I am curious if a girl would answer one or the other more strenuously, or if there is one I am not even thinking of.
(I had to edit the question, so a couple answers may seem off topic a little)

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It completely, totally depends on the girl.

Possible answers I can imagine are: birth of a child, wedding, graduation, death of a parent.

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For me it was the birth of my child, but then your emotions are seriously wack-a-doodle with the wild hormone thing.. Upon reflection, still the baby thing.

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A girl? When she first has sex…and if lucky…it is actually making love.
A woman? Birth of a child….hands-down.

In actuality, I think that a girl turns into a woman when she has a child (if she was dragging her feet about it before, anyway.)

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Depends entirely on the woman. There’s no one universal moment.

It’s just good business for the wedding industry to make it seem like her wedding is the most important day of her life.

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That will be entirely up to the girl. There’s no way to predict such a random occurrence for any individual.

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I would have guessed it might be seeing 2 pink lines on the preggo stick.
I’m a guy and it certainly made a difference in my life.

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Mine, so far, has absolutely nothing to do with the various aspects of being a woman – only with me being a person.

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Im a guy too,
but I think that becoming a grandmother may be one of the most profound experiences of womanhood. Its when a woman can reflect on the grand scale of things and her successes and or failures.

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My first puppy.

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Ooh. Now I want another puppy.

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Loss of virginity and/or birth of a child

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I have learned to steer clear of generalizations about others, but for me it was certainly having my first child.

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Once again, @janbb , great Jersey minds think alike! :-)

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@JilltheTooth unfortunately, some wold say that’s an oxymoron. :-)

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I’d also say having my first baby and breastfeeding. I was blown away that I actually grew a human and was feeding him.

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Finally getting away from my parents and then falling in love with my wife.

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For me having a child and breastfeeding her.
just like @faye

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For me, I’m gonna have to say I find everyday is pretty emotional. My emotions are 100% wacked, as each emotional moment feels like fingernails on a chalkboard for me and eventually becomes unbearable.

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Different things in different realms of my life. All of the following have been life changing events.

Leaving home and becoming independent at 17.
Having my children
My father’s death
The end of my first marriage.
Meeting my amazing and much better suited second husband
Completing my education as an adult
Emigrating to and arriving in a different country

All of these things (and many more) have had a profound impact on me emotionally and on my life and how I live it. You could say, but having a child is more IMPORTANT than getting a degree, but without the degree I couldn’t financially support the child and the degree helped me to gain financial and personal independence… They are all important and have all shaped who I am and had a strong emotional impact.

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I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone. When I really knew that the man I loved also loved me was a huge moment for me.

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@Meego I hope you are getting some help with that.

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I don’t think there is one defining moment in any person’s life, but a series of ups and downs. It is actually kind of an immature notion that a person’s life builds into one big crescendo. A few of the ups are certainly first love, marriage, the birth of a baby. Some downs are divorce, losing a job, losing a loved one. The one event that changed my life the most was the death of my husband.

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It is mostly caused because of a stroke I had, but the doctor is now fearful it may be a tumor in my brain because other symptoms have come up.

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Love without insecurity meaning, being in love for no other reasons than being with the other person. No swaying to love because the other can provide security or care she can’t provide herself already.

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The birth of all three of my children – that moment of love and relief to know that they are there and safe. Loss of the love of your life is right up there too.

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