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Will you play the Say Whaaat game?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) September 12th, 2012

A friend of mine posted in another very famous social website, quite inferior to Fluther, that his sister just received a water bill totaling $14,000.00. Everybody in the family was upset.

I told my friend, “Say Whaaat? Just where did you buy an aquarium big enough for a whale?” He liked that.

So the game is you post something, anything interesting that happened, whether to you or someone or something else and the next jelly answers with a funny retort starting with “Say whaaat?”

I’m sure jellies would score answers they find funny. So the funnier post the better.

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I’ll start. I just saw a couple French kissing in the Metro. When their lips separated, the girl has a lollipop in her mouth.

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Say whaaaat?? You mean this is some new fad in subway muggings? He was trying to steal her candy, that ass!! yeah you know what, I denno

I just saw a pillow fight today.

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Say whaaat? Did you witness firsthand the latest warm-up foreplay techniques sex experts are recommending for an active bedroom life?

I saw an old lady yelling at her 90 year old husband telling him to “put a lid on it”!

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Say whaaaat? So what did the 90 year old husband say to her, “But dearie, that’s why I came to you, I want your toothless lid.”-?

I heard the new iPhone came out today.

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Say whaaat? I didn’t know it was gay!

Ugh! I just paid $3500 to put a new transmission in my 16 year old POS jeep.

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Say whaaaat? Did you at least get to keep the remote control too?

Sarah Palin just said Obama should “grow a larger stick.”

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I despise that phrase, if a whiny voiced american said that in my presence i’d feel obliged to poke them in the face with a suitably sharpened pencil.

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Say whaaat? That doesn’t follow the game format!

Recently someone found 3 bars of gold on a beach. That was weird. I typed recently at the exact same time a woman said it on the radio…

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Oooohh, I gots the all over shakes on that one, actually….no I don’t!!

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@Keep_on_running Say whaaat? Please don’t tell us you also see dead people!?

Just read a phrase on an old flyer with some letters missing. Instead of Drive Legally Today, it says, Die Legally Today.

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Say whaaat? Was it sponsored by Kavorkian Enterprises?

Did you hear about the Scottish fisherman finding a 100 year old message in a bottle?

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Say whaaaat? And what did the message say, You’ve Got Mail, laddie?

NASA’s next robotic probe on Mars will perform some ground digging for the first time.

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Say whaaaat? We’ve spent $2.6 billion for Rover to dig in the dirt?

I saw a formation of large flock of birds tonight. Fall is definitely in the air.

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