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Why is there no life on the moon?

Asked by XYZZYtja (228points) September 14th, 2012

My question is: Why is there no life on the moon?

I recently asked myself this question, and I wasn’t able to find a reasonable answer thus far, hence the fact I am asking it on fluther.

First of all, I understand that there is no life on the moon because the moon doesn’t have water or an athmosphere… (on other websites people’s answers didn’t go any further than that, but that doesn’t do it for me) I want to know, why we have life on Earth, but why it is not on the Moon? Why doesn’t the moon has an athmosphere and water like we do? We both have the same orbit around the sun, so why doesn’t the moon contain life aswell?

The conditions for life (as we know it) needs water and an athomesphere, so why is there no athmosphere on the moon and is this the reason that there is no water on the moon? Is it a possibility that the gravitational field from Earth is stronger than that of the moon so does gravitational fields have something to do with it? (maybe another factor for life to evolve on a moon or planet has to be that the planet or moon is rotating, so that the heat from the sun warms up the whole planet instead of just one part of it… hmm)

As you can see, I have a lot of questions, I might be simply looking in the wrong direction to find an answer… But I hope some of you can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance

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How do you know that there isn’t?

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Here are a couple of reasons:

1. The Earth has a molten iron core that generates a magnetic field that protects its atmosphere from being stripped away by cosmic rays and solar wind

2. The Earth has enough gravitational pull to hold on to its atmosphere

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I believe every living organism (earth based) depends on oxygen for life. The moon simply doesn’t have enough oxygen to sustain life.

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The moon isn’t big enough to hold onto an atmosphere. Without an atmosphere that is thick enough, the moon can’t get warm enough so there can’t be liquid water. It is possible for life to form with frozen water, I think, but it’s a lot easier with liquid water.

Plus, the moon is not made of green cheese, so what would any life form eat? Betcha didn’t think of that, didja?

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The main thing is no atmosphere. Life can exist without oxygen or with other gases or materials such as sulfur, or anerobically, but it needs something to start with.

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I know that life can not form without an athmosphere (not talking about bactaria and such), just wanted to know why the moon isn’t cappable of maintaining one, question has been answered.


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All the trees died off and lakes dried up, hundreds of years ago. I don’t think any kind of life can exist without trees or water.

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God didn’t give it any. In any case, the Moon is too small to hold down an atmosphere. Without atmosphere, you lose the rest.

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There was life on the moon but it left 40 years ago when Apollo 17 returned to Earth. If Newt Gingrich wins the election (anything is possible but extremely unlikely) there will be a colony there by 2020.

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The big question to me is if there ever was, I believe there could have been life. The earth has gone from ice age to hot many times making this mass uninhabitable at times. It has annihilated life and rejuvenated it in an intolerable atmosphere. It has had oceans that encompassed a much larger part than today.
But still, the idea that there has never been life on the moon is still fuzzy to me since I think it is a leftover planetary collision and has always been sterile-though some photographs make me think otherwise.

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yes there IS life on the moon. before you start hissing and booing , one small little bitty request, please…. i know you are already standing up and hollering but . indulge this request. ok?
and try mars, because it is easier to see. remember that statue thing, on the news years ago,that looked like a person sitting down? go to that or and some other mars nasa pictures, and use an open mind, please. Take the photo and zoom it to at least over 400 to around 550 or so. do this with a few pictures on nasa and jpl. even go to around 600 zoom, be brave.
Now, here is the hard part: you know how fun house mirrors, distort the image? well, the perspectives of size in these photos , its not exactly like when you have photos on earth, no i don’t know why, i just know. maybe because i am an artist, but i have been studying these photos for years and years, many photos. zoom the photos. see the street placements, in a system that is not natural, but designed with an intelligence of some type. of course, it does not mean intelligence just because of design, the same intelligence as in say, a human level. it is some type of intelligence. bees make hives, honeycomb, that is a form of intelligence, as an example. Therefore, when you think about the pyramids on the moon, isn’t it, and the other odd little things, i have to dispute the theory of the moon not having life. Those pyramids, for example, are not natural formations , those were constructed. i don’t know how or by whom or what , but not natural, therefore life was involved. Why do people think that all life requires oxygen to survive? there are countless systems in the universe. in order to see what i mean, realize that when you are looking at what is said to be an inch or so tall is really full size, like the dwellings on mars that look like long hangers with arched roofs, and to see what i mean, go to the , ” right brain” way of seeing it.

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There was life, until I came back from there…...

Phae had the best answer.

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Some people are telling me what I all ready knew, like Blackberry said: Phae had the best answer.

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No form of intelligent life could form without an atmosphere or large bodies of liquid water. However, if we consider life in the form of bacteria or other very small organisms, life is possible pretty much wherever there is an energy source.

In 2011, scientists discovered a nematode that lives at a depth of 3.6 kilometers under the surface of Earth. At that depth, it does not depend on the existence of an atmosphere.

There are also forms of bacteria that base their respiration on the chemical process of uranium reduction.

Is there life on the moon? Almost surely yes. What does it looks like? Probably a little bacterium feeding on an iron deposit however many miles underground, a little underwhelming. It will probably have a ridiculously slow metabolism.

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The atmosphere isn’t compatible, bit like Belgium really.

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RE: bacterium under Lunar surface deep inside. WELL, let’s take this further: Why not aliens in underground bunkers? Course, they transport their water to the Moon from stealing it from earth. Any supprt for this? NO! It is all B.S.!

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