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What would you be doing at this moment if there was no fluther?

Asked by Tbag (3549points) January 4th, 2012


Honestly, I think I’ll be studying instead of surfing fluther… How about you?

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Studying, eating, watching tv, making a few calls. Yeah, a lot.

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Tbag you need to put questions that are about Fluther in the Meta section, not Social.

I’d be dreaming about spanking some poor girls ass, probably. (I’d be sleeping)

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Cleaning the kitchen, which is what I am about to do in a few minutes.

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Eating ice cream… and Facebooking. Because that is what I am doing other than Fluthering, right now. Or what @FutureMemory said. Sleeping.

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I would probably be playing a computer game.

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Working more productively.

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Probably assignments.
@Paul said it better than I could have done, too.

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Maybe reading. Maybe being on Askville or some other website.

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I would be on another website, maybe Reddit or City Data.

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Really, I can’t think of what I would be doing if I weren’t on Fluther, since I’m washing and cleaning now while fluthering too. Umm! Maybe I would be washing windows.

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I’m working and taking a smoke break. I would probably be eating a bagel pizza if I wasn’t typing this.

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@FutureMemory Ops, I always forget that. My bad :(

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Correcting someone else’s use of the conditional.

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Unnecessarily refreshing my email account.

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Watching The Price Is Right.

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School work like I’m supposed to be doing.

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I’d be stumbling on the internet.

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I’d be doing the same thing, just somewhere else.

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Playing Second Life, or posting on another forum somewhere. Or both.

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Riding dirty in my big wheels.

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@FutureMemory and @everephebe‘s answers; lol. XD

I’d probably still be on AnswerBag. I’d be doing that. Freaky thought. But nah, I prolly would have left that place eventually. I’d also be refreshing my e-mail. XD

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I would spend more time on the Q & A site where I am a volunteer mod, and spend more time doing volunteer work on wikipedia.

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Probably back on Answerbag, as sucky as it is now.

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Doing homework, revising.

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More accutely feeling the soreness of my back and feet while at work.

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Writing the great American novel.

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I would be finding the meaning of life, writing an epic poem, figuring out how to end world hunger, fixing cold fusion, curing cancer, and solving a few millennium problems.

Oh Fluther, by stopping me from doing these things, you have destroyed the world.

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Using another Q&A site.

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Watching Cowboys and Aliens.. oh I am doing that!

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Cooking, cleaning and reading.

Bella – if you have a genuine copy, could you make me one? PMing…

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I don’t it was on Foxtel. I never buy films. Either I go to the cinema or wait for it to appear on Foxtel.

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I wish I were sleeping right now…...

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