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How do you feel about your birthday?

Asked by TheCouncil (380points) June 4th, 2008 from iPhone

do you look forward to it or dread it? Do you wish it would be ignored or remembered and how do you react? Mine is today and I generally wish it would be ignored although rarely is.

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why not love your birthday. free gifts and a day all about u? mine is usually on a school day since its not summer but its still tight cus i can legitimize not doing work

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Happy Birthday to you than :) hug
I don’t care for mine either, it matters more to me how I feel inside than outside.

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well i used to be very happy that its coming up and usually remind people all the time but now i really dont care. now my mom still buys me a cake but no i guess its because im older so they dont really care for buying me things i ask for. but i do get some money from them. i try doing something for my birthday but people always ruin it so i dont mind anymore. HAPPY BDAY!! yesterday was my room mates bday and she didnt even tell me!! i had to find out myself by but yeah.. im getting older now and with that comes more responsibilities. next bday ima be 19 :)

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I really don’t enjoy the extra attention. I don’t like being in the spotlight. I react as gracefully as I can, but I secretly wish we could just skip the whole thing.

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Happy B-day!!
I usually look forward to the day and take it as an opportunity to be completely self indulgent. Of course I’m not crazy about the idea of getting older, it makes me think I shouldve achieved more by now.
I don’t care to let people know when it’s my birthday unless I’m having a party ( which I might do this year since it falls on a Friday)

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Birthdays only happen once a year, so I soak up the sun in my extra attention! It’s the only time everyone in my family really listens to what I have to say, and actually register it in their brain. Have a good time with your birthday and cherish each moment.

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i guess i missed the boat somewhere…i enjoy my birthdays. i don’t think i ever had a showbiz or chuck-e-cheese party, but i always remember that as a kid I was guaranteed the front seat in the car, cake and some presents. Now that I’m older, 30, I’m always driving, so I guess my prize is having my wife drive to dinner, and yes, there is usually cake involved. And since my birthday is the day before valentines day, I usually get a combo gift, which is cool. call me shallow, but i like cake, cash and all that stuff that goes along with birthdays. but, i also see it as a time of reflection to look back at the previous year and look forward to whatever might happen.

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I think birthdays are fun!

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I agree with Harp, any uneeded attention is uneeded. It’s just yet another thing for people to make a big thing about, especially at vital ages like 16, 18 and 21 because everyone seems to have big parties…I hate parties. I just like to keep quiet about it if I can but people find out. Although my Nana makes some cracking cakes :D

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I love birthdays! I like my birthday because it makes me organize something to get a chance to catch up with my friends/family. I like my family and friends’ birthdays because it gives me a chance to celebrate them and remind them how much I care (since sometimes we forget to say these things). What I don’t like are presents and over-the-top-ness.

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I liked them when I was little but that ended before elementary school was over. Most everyone I know doesn’t even know when it is so it’s never a big deal but if someone does know then I don’t mind them saying happy birthday as long as they don’t make a big deal out of it. Especially now that I’m older if my parents buy me something during the year (such as a new tv recently) I tell them that can be my birthday present so when the day comes it’s pretty much a normal day.

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@autumnofage i always tell my parents that some things count as my bday present.. ahha

everytime i want something i tell them that it will be for my bday. lol

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I generally don’t like them because 1) it’s proof that I’m getting older, something I kind of fear, and 2) my family isn’t very good at celebrating birthdays so all birthdays in our families are kind of sad. :p

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i don’t really see what’s special about them usually. i get more excited about other people’s birthdays than my own. especially lately. last year, for my ‘sweet 16’ i had some vague plans to see tilly and the wall (a lovely band, hence my username here) a day or 2 after my birthday, and that kind of fell apart. so i didn’t really do anything.

this year, rancid is playing about 3 hours up from me, and it’s on my birthday. i started planning for this months ahead, but what with everyone leaving on family vacations and whatnot, i only had one person that confirmed she’d definitely be able to go. now, a week or 2 before the show, she can’t. her mom told her she’ll be out of town. thank god i didn’t reserve the hotel and buy the tickets yet, but still. i had my hopes up for this one for a good 2 or 3 months, and now. well. yeah. i’m planning on sleeping through the day, since last year i was like in tears for half the day.

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