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Are there types of Fluther questions you don't even bother to read?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) September 18th, 2012

Politics, cooking, child care, technical, etc. Subjects about which you have no knowledge and couldn’t care less about? You just skip on by?

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Yes, anything to do with relationships.
Other people’s relationship problems are something that I don’t care to get caught up in.

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The ones that are not questions at all, but a declarative statement with a question mark?

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cooking, definitely.
Just heat a skillet and fill it with meat.

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Computer questions. I’m pretty much computer illiterate so I wouldn’t be of any help.

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Things about relatively obscure topics. Things about specific computers. Things about clothing or fragrances or songs. I only answer music questions about instrumental music. I don’t know from songs. I’m sure there are many other things I know nothing about, so I won’t answer those questions.

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I never read those “what does my dream mean” questions. Those are always ridiculous. Any correlation between dreams and reality is usually just coincidence, nothing more.

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I try to stay away from religious questions. I fucked up too many times with those.

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Politics bore me to tears, otherwise I will give most a bash. If they are long winded I give up, I can’t concentrate enough to read it. @wundayatta May I remind you of the sea sponge question ha ha.

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In addition to the first and second responses, anything that begs for validation, and poorly disguised bids for attention or compliments. Also situations described, then asking what motivated the person described, or what the person wants. As if.

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dreams, technical questions about computers, computer games, most homework.

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@Shippy You can try, but I don’t remember. Was that about some form of obscure contraceptive? It sounds like a question that was too delicious to not answer, even if I had to make something up that was completely bogus. I hope it wasn’t a general question. The humorless twits in the station house would have arrested my ass.

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Mostly stuff that has to do with specific telephones or computers or whatever. don’t these things come with manuals, or phone numbers for when you need help?

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I tend to avoid political and religious questions, though I will still answer one here and there. I also avoid relationship or dream questions most of the time.

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And….. once again an innocent thread has turned into mod bashing. Give it a rest @wundy.

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@chyna Sit down. Relax. Have a nice glass of sweet tea.

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There are many that I don’t answer, due to lack of knowledge, but I’ll still read most of them. You never know when you might learn something new, eh?

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I read most questions… But I almost never respond to questions about American politics, because they seem to be nothing but circling the wagons on both sides, I was already sick of the presidential campaign last summer, and I just find such ‘conversations’ dispiriting. Also, I try not to reply to obvious homework questions for fear of being snarky, unless it’s a thoughtful question about how to approach an assignment, rather than asking Fluther to do the assignment. I think the only type of question I routinely skip reading at all is dream analysis. ‘What does it mean if you dream about someone you like?’ Reeelly???

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In all honesty, I’ll read anything if I’m bored enough or procrastinating hard enough. Even the dream, relationship, and Randy questions.

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Randy questions! I love Randy questions! I could answer them all day if I knew they wouldn’t be removed. What fun!

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Most political Q.‘s They easily turn rabid, and I am 90% apolitical.

Most relationship Q.‘s, I bite now and then, but usually find them an exercise in head banging. I’m just too far removed from sophomoric relationship drama to give a damn. lol

Yes, Randy Q’s. are fun! I like perverse humor.

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Yes. That is one way I give my prejudices and biases an outing on fluther. I skip most of those that are obviously designed to be provocative (those that are not really questions but deliberate incitements to controversy) and most of those that belong to the “does he like me?” and “how can I get him back?” category, as well as dream interpretation. I also skip all questions from certain users and most of those that I just know are going to make me want to post something rude or sarcastic. It’s better if I’m not tempted.

Anything that implies some sort of inane generalization and anything that starts with “Has anyone ever—” usually gets a miss from me. I will not even read a question that misspells “does” as “dose.”

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@Jeruba Haha, exactly! ” This guy smiled at me today do you think we might get engaged soon?

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Depends. Did he give you some engagement bud?

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Religious and political. Those discussions sometimes get very heated and I’d prefer to just stay out of it, plus I don’t know much about those topics anyway.

I love answering relationship questions, favorite movies, medical questions, even though I don’t know much about medical. I like fluff questions that you don’t need to think too much about.

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What does my dream mean?
I don’t believe in dream interpretation save for what they mean to you, personally

Does he/she like me?
What is he/she thinking?
Howza ‘bout you ask them?

That’s about it, I’ll take a stab at most other questions – even the occasional relationship question.

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@cookieman Haha…yes, ” I dreamed of him/her last night, what does it mean?”

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Dream questions and relationship questions. The rest tend to be more mood and energy specific.

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Politics for certain, especially US, or anywhere else that’s not the UK.

Relationships (heterosexual and involving people under half my age – I’m more likely to respond to a relationship question between more mature people or where sexual orientation is an issue).

“What does this dream mean?”

Anything technical.

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I skip anything that’s about religion, dreams, or astrology.

“Last night I dreamed my horoscope predicted I was going to become religious. Does this mean my cat is sick? Should I get a cat?”

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Definitely politics…yawn

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In addition to the oft repeated themes of dreams, teen relationships (parent-child and co-worker relationships are a bit more interesting), and favorite anything (movies, songs, etc.), I most often skip over questions that can easily be answered with a quick trip to google. Unfortunately on the last bit, I often have to read the question first to discern the “google-ability” of the query. At one point, I would do the googling and share the link, but now I just skip on by . . .

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Religion as well… unless it’s something about the process of a religion or what it’s about. But I think people can believe whatever the heck they want.

Politics… I know a lot about the gov. but to me it’s all about opinion.

And anything that can start a pointless argument.

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Questions that do not even hint at a question, i.e. “can you answer this” , “I need help with this” , etc

questions that try to blame an entire group for the actions or comments of one person: i.e. ”(candidate) said, why does the (their party) think this?”

Stupid questions: “What would a chair look like if our knees were backwards?”

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@DrBill: See, you say ‘stupid’, I say ‘Industrial Design Problem for Class’.

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@DrBill That’s a good question…

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It bugs me when someone gives an honest answer to a question that calls for opinions and then other people start to pick on the answer. Consensus is not the point.

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[mod says] @DrBill a question that starts with “I need help with this” would be sent back for editing. The question has to be an actual question to meet Fluther’s writing standards. So if you see something like that and we haven’t spotted it, flag it to let us know and we can send it back.

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Ones that seek answers that I don’t know in topics in which I have no interest, such as “Where can I get the cheat codes for Grand Theft Warcraft or World of Auto?”.

Others demanding that only the nice people answer, and that the nice people hurry up and get what the OP wants.

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I asked this question partly to try to figure out why jellies may get to 10K without my ever having noticed them. The answer seems to be different thread appeal. We all travel different paths and quite a few never meet. Just like real life communities.

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I’ve wondered the same thing, @Sunny2, and your theory makes sense.

The fact that some people can get to 10k and beyond without ever crossing paths with or drawing the notice of some of the other regular visitors is also a fairly good argument to raise when some people claim this place is all about in-groups and popularity.

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@Jeruba I think they get to 10K because they just participate in a different part of Fluther than we do.

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That’s exactly what @Sunny2 just said and I agreed with.

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@Jeruba I was just agreeing as well… just in a different way.

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I’m generally on here to be serious, so this will dictate how many types of questions I’ll avoid. I also avoid dream interpretation questions too, and I’m not a big fan of relationship type questions where the OP is looking for approval to self-justify screwing the other person over. I’m not a big fan of politics or religion either, though on occasion for certain types of questions relating to the two latter topics I’ll respond to those. I’ll even avoid questions about topics that interest me (such as questions concerning the paranormal) if they are asked in a goofy way, and many times these types of questions are asked in the social section, which makes it even worse in my opinion. I have another one to add too; when I start to feel that certain users don’t appreciate my responses over a period of time than I’ll start to avoid that particular user altogether. I’ll avoid the questions of users I don’t like as well.

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Put “Right Wing” in your question.

See how quickly it gets ignored.

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@Crashsequence2012 ignored or attacked

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Indeed @DrBill

Wanna have a serious discussion about conservative politics? Use more mature terminology.

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