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Is there a way to simultaneously take two pictures with two iPhones?

Asked by Nimis (13199points) September 19th, 2012 from iPhone

Yes, I realize I can press both at once. But I’m looking for a more precise solution.

I want to take stereo pairs
of action shots. (Jumping, throwing conferti, running water, bubbles, etc.) You can understand why precision would be critical.

Is there an app where I can trigger the camera on two separate iPhones? I know there are apps to remotely trigger one iPhone.

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Interesting concept! I have not heard of such an app from the many friends and feeds I get about the iPhone. I’ll look into it further… but I’m off to work right now.

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All the apps I looked at (casual Google search) involved taking two separate photos a few inches apart to simulate L and R eyes. For what you’re talking about, you’d have to have two phones synched through Bluetooth, maybe? Great idea!

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