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Women, where do you tend to buy good quality business attire?

Asked by Carly (4555points) September 19th, 2012

I’m taking a college course that is requiring me to wear business attire to job fairs, individual interviews, and eventually internships in my field. Do you have any specific brands/stores that you’re particularly satisfied with?

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I find good stuff for my s/o at Van Husen, Izod, and Bass. She works in a brokers office and I can usually find something for her there.

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Ann Taylor
That is for “career wear”, much as I hate the term. But you can find things anywhere if you look. I usually buy offprice at T.J.Max snd Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack. Macy’s Inc. line is good also, but it goes up and down, sometimes great, sometimes not so great.
Ann Taylor is reliable. I like classy but not too conservative, it has to have fit and sexiness. Nowadays my job is more casual and I have reverted to my bohemian roots. Anthropologie and French Connection have the looks I love.

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What size do you need? For larger sizes Chicos and Dress Barn are nice. Dress barn is a little more affordable.
JC Penny’s has a pretty good affordable selection of business afire too.
If you can afford Nordstrom that’s great. That’s where I shop now. When I was a student I would go to the expensive stores and find what I like, then try to find something similar in the discount stores.

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@Judi I can’t afford Nordstrom either usually unless things are on sale. That’s why Nordstrom Rack is great. TJ Max hasn’t been so good lately. It used to be good. Since December I have found the good selections at off price stores to be pretty rare. Ann Taylor has good sale prices.

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Thrift shops.

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Talbots is classic, but pricey. If you just need something for the short term, try Target.

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I signed up for the mailing list for Ann Taylor Loft. There’s more selection online than in the stores, and they send notifications when they’re having sales. Ordinarily I wouldn’t be able to afford the clothes there, but from shopping sales and clearence I’ve been able to put together a pretty good business wardrobe. The clothes are sturdy and flattering.

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Ann Taylor

Go end of season if you can time it to get deals, unless you’re size is always gone by sale time, which varies by city. Usually 2’s and 4’s dissappear fast, because only one is sent to each store quite often. Then you probably need to pay the higher price, maybe catch a holiday sale. New receipts for fall and winter are coming in now. Macy’s runs sales all the time.

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By the way Ann Taylor Loft tends to be more casual than Ann Taylor, they are not the same store. It is the same company though.

I am not recommending buying online, although you can of course, I just gave you the link to see some styles. I don’t like buying on line personally.

Macy’s has suits within a vendor section, bit they also have a suit department, the suits in the suit department usually are less expensive.

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I got an awesome suit for cheap in the Liz Claiborne section of a JC Penny’s.

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I have gotten some really nice suits at Burlington Coat Factory. I also like JC Penney and their outlet, as others have said.

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