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Make up or no make up?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) June 4th, 2008

I like to look beautiful but in a natural way. I love make up but for every day it shouldn’t be dramatic. What do guys think is okay and what’s too much? i don’t like it when people try too hard. Just some foundation,powder and mascara must do.

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idk i mean i really dont recognize when a girl is wearing make up unless its a lot and really noticeable, sometimes i say screw make up cus i like to chill on the lake all day so its not necessary

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A little touching up here and there is good. But as soon as you over-do it I lose interest. Sorry if I’m totally lame.

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well i dont wear any make up at all.. i did go through my eye liner phase but i stopped because i usually would rub it off and im too lazy to wear it on a daily basis. so yeah NO MAKE UP FOR ME… im not against people wearing makeup but some people go over board and look like clowns

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I just wear mascara and its easy and everyone always complements my “natural” beauty better to look natural than fake

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Haha, natural beauty.

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natural beauty cause to much make up makes girls look like clowns.

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yes i agree exek…. thats why you love me so

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i only wear make up on some important/special days. otherwise i prefer going it natural. i don’t need to do mascara because i have long lashes already and i usually don’t need any sort of powder because i am not acne prone. but i do have very sensitive skin and usually makeup (all kinds) causes skin irritation. When i do put anything, it is a little concealer for under eye (thanks to all these late fluther nights) and maybee some eyeliner if i am not feeling too lazy. for daily, i just do a tinted moisturizer.

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No makeup, a woman is so much more beautiful without it.

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keep it simple. the most beautiful women i have ever known are happy with their looks before they do anything.

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I wear makeup every day because I’m an asrtist and the color combinations and stuff is fun for me, plus it makes me even prettier if possible <3

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Depends on how you feel-sexy or wholesome.

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i think SOME women are soooo beautiful without makeup like beyonce’. natural beauty is sooo pretty to me. the suprise comes when someone you know who always wears makeup suddenly is seen without it. and some people just plain overdoes it!NOT CUTE!

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Im young so I don’t really like Eye shadow or anything. But I’ll stick with my natural beauty. But hey if you think it expresses you and you look better with it than go right ahead. But personally I’d choose NO MAkeup!

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