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What's the meanest thing someone has ever told you?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) June 4th, 2008

Face it; people can be really mean. Share your stories// :)

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i have an avatar of me when i was 16 and had long hair. peedub seen it and wanted to know why i had an avatar of my little sister.

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That I’m a selfish, no good, coughed up hairball that was accidentally delivered by FedEx to my grandma’s house, my grandma didn’t want me so she passed me on to my parents, then my parents told me that whatever happens I’m not half-adopted.

-Forever scarred. Wizard.

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“your just like your father” that hurt bad. Cause I really don’t like anything he’s ever done.

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That nobody was gonna answer my questions on Fluther…or give points

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I was seeing this guy and I asked the worst question you could ever ask a guy that you’re dating, “So what’s going on?”
Him: “With what?”
Me: “Us”
Him: “Well…”
Me: “Well?”
Him: “I think you’re really pretty, funny, nice, sweet, & fun, but…”
Me: “The suspension is killing me.”
Him: “I just wish you were thinner”
Me: pause “I think I’m going to go hang myself from the ceiling fan now… oh wait, it’ll probably fall through…”

So from that point on my friends have called me FattyMcFatGirl and we make fat jokes all the time. I no longer talk to him, but I did once win wrestling tickets off the radio for suggesting my nickname as a wrestling name and when I told the radio guy the story he gave me the tickets.

Oh, and for the record, I’m no runway model, but I never thought of myself as too fat to date

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bridold:You look good to me.

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@bridold pffttt! he must have been a dog looking for a bone!! You look great.

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@Notreallyhere and scamp

Thanks, I was only offended for about 15 mins, then I got over it and it’s been a pretty funny ongoing joke for years now.

He argued with me about it for an entire day saying he was “just being honest.” So, that’s a phrase my friends and I started using. “I’m just being honest!”

Good times.

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I’m just being need to try to date “less honest” guys.

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A lady in the store said my baby was as cute as a puppy and not too long after that I was walking out of the doctors office with her and a lady point blank asked if she were mine. I said “no I took her and you’d better go get help”, the look on her face was priceless.

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When I was in high school I had a serious, serious crush on a guy that was in my photography class. We’d stay after school developing film, and listening to music in the darkroom together and I’d just swoon over everything he did.

One night, it was starting to get late, and it was just the two of us. He slowly leaned over, touched my face and tilted my head upward toward him. Just when I thought I was going to have the most amazing high school moment ever, he said: “you’d be amazed at how much better looking you are in the dark…” then went back to his work.


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i’ve been called a girl so many times, accidental and intentional, yet that’s not realy getting to me, what is was, when i was young, around 14, our neighbour, a little drunk, told me “you know, that bit of fat on cheeks usually looks pretty cute on boys, but you just look like a hamster”

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I really only talked to you because people thought it would be funny for me to lead you on, you wouldn’t believe how many people at that party laughed when you really thought I would go on a date with you

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wow I really can’t think of anything as bad thats happened you guys thats happened to me

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Yea some of these stories are so extreme.People are sooooo cruel and blunt sometimes=[

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I once asked a girl to dance. She said not with you! So I said no you misunderstood me what I said is you look fat in those pants…..I guess I returned the favor.

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@bridold – Ugh! I saw your picture and you’re not fat. That guy was dense. As for those “honest” people, there’s honest and then there’s brutally honest. My husband is often the latter, which leads me to my answer to this question…

We were having trouble with our pond filter and I was trying to help him work on it. There is not much in my life that should lead him to think that I am well-equipped to help with these things (at least in terms of knowledge) yet he insists on my help. Anywho, he asked me to turn off the filter, I went to the box where the switches were and couldn’t figure out which one was which. (They weren’t all labeled.) I hesitated too long, he got mad, stalked over, flipped the unmarked switch and said, “You are so incompetent.” I was so mad I wanted to push him in with the goldfish and so upset that I wanted to cry. I did neither. I just stared at him for a second, said “Okay, let’s get this job finished.” He apologized, claiming he didn’t mean it and that he was just mad at my delaying him doing the work. I said, “No, you meant it, but it’s okay, at least now I know.” He continued to try to apologize, but I told him to stop, that I was okay.

And yes, we’re still married.

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@Bridold ok a. how the heck anyone could get past the smile to see anything else is beyond me. b. what was I talking about.. . . . . .

OH YEAH fat schmat, doesn’t know what he is talking about. I noticed he never used more than two syllables, coincidence? I don’t think so.

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i once said to someone that they were sweet and sour, and that i will always remember them as a free spirit tortourously grounded on earth.

this was my “fare thee well” speech, stating that we can not be friends.

(she was my boyfriends needy ex-wife- bigger hypocrit than a politician)

after reading all these fluthers about mean things to say, i don’t think it sounds so bad. i’ve learned to be inspired by it, rather than proud or ashamed.
still, it’s definately the meanest thing i’ve ever said.

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When I was in high school, a guy told me I needed to check my bra… b/c it looked like I had it on backwards.LOL
but, hey…. they aren’t saggy baggy!

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My stepmother once told me that I was not my father’s son. That at the hospital my grandmother came up to my mother (holding me) and asked “So, whose wetback ass was HE spit out of?” I wrote it off as her being mean at the time, didn’t even ask my Dad about it until years later my sister in law said that my grandmother told her the same story. Then I flipped out and called my Dad. He said that was not true, that I was his son, etc. Even if it were true (I still have my doubts, knowing my mother) he raised me as his own, and that’s good enough for me!

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From the ex-husband: “I didn’t fantasize about other women when we were having sex before you put on all this weight.” Lesson there: Never ask what someone is thinking unless you’re prepared for the real answer.

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@ tedibear39 – and your reply should have been “I didn’t fantasize about other women until we started having sex”

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Someone once called me an “N-word,” when he found out I was living with a fantastic black woman.

August 28, 2008, 10:47 PM EDT

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@ jack – no kidding. I just can’t believe that, or rather I don’t want to.

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Some bigots have the attitude that, “You ARE one, if you LOVE one.”

August 29, 2008, 12:40 AM EDT

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Ugh, Jack, What that person said was both ridiculous and repulsive! Ignorance & prejudice astounds me.

And yes, I have another one: “I’m not going out with you for your looks. If I dated people because of their looks I wouldn’t be with you.” He tried to salvage it with, “But that means I’m with you because of other things.” Um, yeah, sorry but that was said too late and with too much “Oh, I screwed that up, didn’t I?” in his voice.

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@ tedibear39 – this person was real? and walked upright? What an ass!

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Real, upright and the same guy who called me incompetent. Go about 12 or so posts above this one to see the source.

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Great to have his genes in the pool

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Too bad abortions can’t be made “retroactive.”

August 29, 2008, 10:39 AM EDT

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some anti-abortionists believe they can be.

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from my EX….( while I was 8 months pregnant with child #2)
Well… if it doesn’t work out with her, then I will come back to you and try to make it work.’
LOL>> no kidding…

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When I was in middle school:
” hey… did you know your bra was on backwards?”

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One of the meanest things I can remember hearing, when attempting to “score” with a high school cheerleader, was the word “NO”.

I was 47, when that happened…

September 6, 2008, 3:32 PM EDT

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JA – You make me laugh my but off daily.

And I thank you for that sir!

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Enjoy them while you can.

I might be deleting my account soon. [I hear cheering noises.]

September 6, 2008, 3:43 PM EDT

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Well, this was pretty mean-spirited.

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two things, and by the same person. One), that I should be ashamed of the way I abuse my wife, and Two) that I would be sorry for being an atheist when it comes to the day I die and it will be too late to repent and I’d be going to a very bad place with lots of fire and smoke.

I am not a violent person, but I wanted to shoot that fucker in the head when he said that. My only wish is that he dies in the most horrific way possible, and that it happens soon.

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go write a book
you have no talent
stay out of prowrestling and entertainment
go kill yourself
stay out of fluther
dont be yourself
you cant have anything

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your not real

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we dont care about you or your things

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When my aunt and my uncle told me to stop being a little bitch and stop trying to help my dad with his drug problem.

I have not seen my dad in about 4 years now but when they said that it was like my mind was split into two. what did I do? what do I choose?

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I have freckles all over my face and body and when in grade school some girls teased me I had “flea shits” all over me because my freckles are dark.

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