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What is good yoga music?

Asked by cinnAmini (29points) September 20th, 2012

I’m looking for yoga music recommendations. I want some tunes to get me moving during my yoga practice but not like cheesy dance style…something more peaceful. Where I can I find good yoga music?

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I’ve never practiced yoga. But I am inclined to suspect that music by DJ Cheb i Sabbah would be great. He is one of the pioneers of world/fusion music. A lot of his music is a mixture of South Asian, dub/electronic, but there’s also some Arab and other influences in there. If you get any of his music, please buy it from him rather than downloading it, as he is an independent artist who is struggling to pay medical bills for cancer treatment.

Tabla Beat Science is also fantastic South Asian fusion/electronica music, and I have certainly found it helpful for meditation. Give their song “Magnetic” a good listen.

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I tend to like relaxing, ambient or vaguely Celtic New Age music for yoga. Not something as stimulating as Enigma, but not quite “waves crashing on the rocky shore” if you know what I mean.

Believe it or not, the Gladiator movie soundtrack is awesome. I also like Gregorian Chant, as it naturally rises and falls with the breath of the vocalists, which helps me remember to breathe.

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I don’t have music with my yoga. It’s to distracting, although sometimes I sing a positive song like a mantra.

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I make a lot of good music for yoga, but it’s never recorded for distribution. I guess that doesn’t really help. Unfortunately I don’t listen to other people’s music much, so I don’t know what to say. But if I could channel my music to you somehow, I think you’d appreciate it. I play music for dancers, and we make it up live, on the spot, in response to what the dancers are doing.

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Personally, yoga goes well with silence. In addition to the postures and the breathing, there is a attitudinal component.

Yoga with music becomes, perforce, an exercise class.

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@gailcalled : That’s usually how it is generally regarded in the West anyway, with or without music…But yoga is a religious practice, not a way to firm your abs…

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@bookish1: My abs also prefer the sounds of silence.

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Hahaha you guys are such great help and funny!! Thank you all for the reco’s, I’m gonna check those out. I have my days when silence is best, but other times I like a little groove. In my searches I saw that has a bazillion good CDs listed on their site too….where do I start?! ;P

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Look for music with a lot of soft melodies, but not too fast or too vocal, otherwise you will lose your focus. Sometimes you can find CDs of just sounds like water or rain.

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