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Has anyone else grown bored with David Blaine?

Asked by FloridaPA (12points) September 26th, 2012

Supposedly, magician David Blaine said he will risk electrocution for his latest stunt. He plans to have a one million-volt charge surge through his body nonstop for 72 hours.

His latest death defying stunt, called Electrified: One Million Volts Always On, will take place in New York next week. In a YouTube trailer for the stunt, Blaine stands on a metal pedestal wearing a futuristic mesh suit and a globe-shaped wire helmet as electrical bolts hit him from all directions. Blaine said he will stand between two electrodes and allow a million volts to flow through his grounded body.

They’re playing it up by claiming that any disruption in the stream could stop his heart.

Does anybody else agree that David Blaine may have jumped the shark?

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When will he pee?

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Long ago, and
@Trillian Ouch!!!

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@Trillian I’m guessing a catheter will play a part.

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Ok, my point is that I, for one, can’t help but think of practicalities.
72 hours? Straight? His body is going to continue basic functions; breathing, peristalsis, filtering, NEED FOR SLEEP, etc. So, what accommodations have been made?
(And as an aside, I can’t help but see this as a little boy clamoring for attention, but I’m feeling cranky this morning.)

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Good for him. If we’re lucky, then Darwinism will take its course and wipe out stupid people.

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If he wasn’t insane before hand, he probably will be after.

On the other hand, if he’s bipolar, then he might be cured after. And that is not necessarily a good thing.

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If I knew who he was and if I cared, I would quite likely find the whole thing tedious.

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About 3 or 4yrs ago. Yes.

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Yeah, I thought I was the only one. He needs new material.

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Like @SpatzieLover, it was several years ago.

His “kid from New York” performing magical acts to strangers on the street were fun and fascinating. The big hype stuff doesn’t appeal to me. Watching the reactions of those personally experiencing the magic does.

It may be the whole “I need to move up the ladder in order to be successful” thing. Personally, I’d find it more interesting to watch a documentary about him and the people on the street that he has enthralled than a multiple day event where he is being magically electrocuted. We already know how it ends. Spoiler He walks away alive.

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