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Should I go get my self checked for mental illness, brain tumors, or anything else?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) September 26th, 2012

Last night I went to sleep at around 2am, I was tired and had a big head ache.

At around 3am my girlfriend called me up on skype to talk. She asked me how it was all going, and I told her that “not much hair now late at night”.

I then went on to tell her that “the streets don’t have much hair” and “not many places on me now for hair to get trapped”.

My girlfriend kept asking me what the hell I was talking about, but to me it was obvious, so I told her to forget it and to never mind.

She asked me if I was ok, and I remember thinking what is wrong with her, that she does not understand something so simple as “not much hair on the streets, not many places for hair to get trapped now”.

She kept asking me what I meant about hair, and I just got more and more frustrated at her lack of understanding.

Long story short, this morning I wake up, see what I said, and wonder if I have a giant tumor in my brain or something. Because I have absolutely no idea what the hell I was talking about. If I had been on drugs and drunk I would have made more sense.

Did she just wake me up in the middle of a dream while my head was not right? or do you think I should be worried?

Here is a small extract of the conversation:

David: So yea, I’ll sleep in a mo.

Tina: Ok.

David: Not much hair now late at night.

Tina: Hair?

David: On my arms and body and that.

Tina: What u mean? U shaved?

David: Just in general I mean, not so many places on me for hair to get trapped. Like, on the street. Anyway I best go to sleep.

Tina: What u talking about?!?

David: NVM, its not important, just the street, its not important.

Tina: Does that make sense?

David: Yea

Tina: Not much hair on the street???

David: It makes sense to me.

Tina: Huh?

David: Hair on you, and on the street. Or on me, and me on the street. Its not important, NVM.

Tina: Are you sure you are ok?

David: Yes, I just want to sleep, and you are making me repeat my self over and over. Its very simple. Do you have hair? on your head? and your arms? and other places?

Tina: Yea?

David: and does stuff get stuck in it, like sand and paper and stuff?

Tina: Yea?

David: that is all im talking about, but NVM, its not important.

Tina: Ok

David: Sorry, I just don’t know how else to explain.

So… Should I be worried? go see a doctor? or was I just dreaming while awake all sleep deprived?

Despite being funny, it has got me a little worried.

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I’d chalk it up to exhaustion. I know I tend to say silly things when I’m tired.

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@poisonedantidote Oh man, I want to party with you. :) Don’t sweat it if it’s once. I did the same thing to my sister one time in college when she woke me up in the morning after a long road trip and a few hours of sleep.

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I talk that way when I am overtired, and woken out of a dead sleep.
My sister considered having an intervention when she called me and I kept talking about alligators.

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Don’t worry about it unless it keeps happening. And try to find a better time to Skype.

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I don’t think that anything you said while woken up in a deep sleep is meaningful. Tell your girlfriend not to call at 3 A.M.

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I’m not certain, but if I think that if it were dysphasia, you wouldn’t have been back to normal the next day. My guess would be fatigue.

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You went to bed with a headache. A few hours later you present with a form of mild aphasia. Call your doctor. You may have experienced a Trans Ischemic Attack, a mild stroke which can be a warning sign of an impending stroke. If I was your physician I would have you in for a CAT or PET scan and look for small blockages in the temporal zone above your left ear. I strongly recommend you see a doctor immediately.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I’m 29 years old, am I really at risk of possible stroke? (strokes do run in the family)

Note: Last night this made sense to me, it was obvious that less hair on the street would lead to less things getting trapped in it. (it was not just jumbled words to me)

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@poisonedantidote Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? Yeah, 29 is old enough.

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Yes. A stroke can happen at any age. They are caused by blood clots or high lipids. Anything from dehydration to the inability to break down trans-fats can cause a stroke. Strokes are associated with the elderly mainly because of sedentary lifestyles. Nowdays, this is not solely a problem with the elderly.

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Which would you rather—you go to a doctor and find it is nothing, or you don’t go to a doctor only to find you could have prevented something serious if you had gone to the doctor?

If it’s worrisome enough to ask us, it’s worrisome enough to talk to a professional about it.

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^^^^ Yes. Wundy is right.

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I’ll go to the doctor later see what he says.

Other than some dehydration from the hot summer, I am quite healthy. I used to be a fat smoker, but now I eat healthy, exercise and don’t smoke weed anymore.

Last time I had a check up was 8 months ago to get the all clear to be able to work.

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Good move, bro. It beats risking being paralysed on the left side for the rest of your life. In the meantime, drink LOTS of water and take two 325mg aspirin every 8 hours.

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Should probably point out…

If my younger brother is woken up mid sleep, he will mention everything from red wine to clowns stealing his wallet. This has been something he has had all his life.

However, what I had was different. While my brother acts like a drunk with brain damage, I was well aware of what I was saying, and it did make perfect sense to me.

Also, this is the first time I have ever shown such behavior.

I don’t know quite how to explain it, but last night I was convinced my girlfriend was stupid for not knowing that less hair on me and the street would lead to less things getting trapped in said hair.

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That’s the difference between dysphasia and aphasia. Dysphasia is the difficulty in finding words, aphasia is saying the wrong words and not noticing the error. The real clincher here for me is the preceding headache. It may well turn out to be nothing, friend, but the risk is enormous. Call the doctor. Take the aspirin. Drink the water.

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Oh… btw… All the strokes in the family, have been due to alcohol abuse, I don’t drink though.

I’ll pop up to the doctor in an hour before I go to work, need a lift up there.

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Hell, I thought you were bang-on there. You’re 100% correct: There isn’t much hair on the streets. It’s a wonder that no one else has noticed it and commented on it.

Nothing to worry about there, and quite remarkable that you were able to recognize and comment on the fact after being awoken in such a state. I’d say you’re in fine shape.

Maybe you should visit a barber.

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Appointment made with the doctor for 1 hour time from now. He said “just drop by the emergency ward on your way to work and ill see you” .. got to love the health care system on this island.

Better safe than sorry, seeing as about 10 people have had stroked in my family, all male, all on my fathers side, who has also had a stroke.

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@poisonedantidote Best to be safe rather than sorry.

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Stay safe and keep us updated.

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You weren’t on any sleeping pill, were you? A friend of mine took Ambien a few times and sent me surreal text messages in the middle of the night (things like “I am your Santa” and “keep following the bunch”). But I guess the difference is that she didn’t really remember doing it, but you have full memory of it, which I find really interesting. I’ve studied aphasia, but never really seen it in someone. I hope it’s not a stroke.

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Agreed about better safe than sorry, and glad you’re going to a doctor, but I don’t find it too odd that you would say something bizarre after being woken up. I get confused and think strange things under those circumstances, too.

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I hope it is something simple and just to say I am sending good vibes your way!

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Normal. If you were alert I would be concerned. Make a journal or keep track somehow of any abnormal occurences.

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It’s great to hear that you are getting initially checked by a professional. It’s better to err on the side of precaution than to blow it off. Like @KNOWITALL suggests, keep a log of when it occurs and the events preceding it. Speaking from experience, you have no idea how handy that they can come in during the next appointment.

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Hi all…

The doctor says I’m 100% ok, and that it is normal for people who wake up suddenly to say weird things. He did note that it is a little odd that I remember it and everything.

I have been told that if it happens again to go see him asap and that they will book me in with a neurologist, but that if it is just the 1 time, to not worry about it much for now.

Either way, he has booked me in with my own doctor next week for a general check up to see if I’m really ok.

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@poisonedantidote Good to hear. I have remembered saying weird things after waking up, too.

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My husband (36 yrs old, healthy) sleep talks all the time (but doesn’t remember it), but recently has had 2 seizures the dr can find no reason for. He has some sleep issues and took a sleep study and somehow it’s all related, so definately better to get the dr involved just in case, but don’t stress on it. You may just need a sleeping pill or anxiety pill, or perhaps it’s nothing at all.

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Great news.

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