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Do you see the parallels between the NFL referee fiasco and Romney's economic outlook ?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22221points) September 26th, 2012

Consider that the NFL referee lockout is not about salary, but more about pensions and the way that loyal and skilled workers are treated. (Shades of Walker in Wisconsin, as well) The citizens (football fans) are shown a much lower quality product as a result of the replacement referees, while still paying top dollar for tickets.

And why? So that 30-some football team owners can get richer.

To me, the parallels are huge. The owners don’t care about the fans, just like Bain didn’t care about the ultimate customers when Romney closed a company.

The owners don’t care about the referees or other football employees – they are just an annoyance that cost money. Sort of like how Romney laid people off without a worry when he LBO’ed a company.

Football, at least in this instance, is a microcosm of politics, and a very good look at what Romney-nomics brings.

Shame shame.

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I’m no Romney apologist, but I think you are really stretching it here.

Bain, at least, was about profits, and in the long run, that means making a company solid so they can grow, and when they grow, they will hire. In the short run, they lay off or fire people, and that is the price paid for structural change in the economy.

The NFL owners are also about maximizing profits. But they also have to pay attention to the quality of the product. If they lose viewers, then they have a problem. So far, they aren’t losing viewers. So they can argue that football fans like to fuss (and look at the rise of sport radio), but they won’t leave.

I suppose you can say it’s all about profits. And if that’s the case, then all people have to do is stop buying the product, and the profits will disappear. I don’t see that happening with the NFL, nor do I see it happening with Bain. Bain is just one corporate takeover company among many who do the same thing.

You could argue that Romney’s philosophy of government is the same. Let the market decide. But it looks like the market’s will, as expressed in voter preference, is going to be for Obama, not whatever Romney represents. Romney only seems to represent rich people. There aren’t that many of them. I’m not sure where the tea party is on this, but it does seem like Romney does not exemplify a good approach to getting Republican votes.

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As much as I dislike him, I don’t think comparing Romney to the NFL Ref situation works.

But as I said on Facebook last night, Scott Walker is proud to be anti-union, until he gets non-union refs for the next Green Bay game.

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Yeah, I don’t give a toss about either.

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I thought this was classic Etpro before I checked the author.

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Only in that the substitute refs, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan are all out their (respective) league and barely qualified to pretend to the job.

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